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You Will Be Enough For The Right Person


Yes, relationships are difficult and the whole process of dating can be scary if you are someone who has been burned many times in the past.

One failed relationship after another, and you can’t quite figure what to expect and whether you will find what you are looking for.

But when the right thing comes – you will know. And that’s a wonderful thing.

With the right person, you will feel enough.

They will understand where you are coming from, they will see the pain you carry into your heart, but they will be there for you and help you heal.

They will see how beautiful and amazing person you are, both inside and out. They will see your flaws as well, but they won’t see them as flaws, but as something unique, that makes you who you are.

With the right person, you will feel safe.

They will make you laugh, and they will laugh with you until you are out of breath.

They won’t ever make you feel like you bother them when you call them or text them. On the contrary, they will be more than happy to hear your voice and read your text.

They won’t ever make you wonder whether the passion and the spark between you two will die out. Rather, it will keep getting stronger until it’s too hot to touch.

The right person will want to get to know the real you and they will take their time in doing that.

They will be open and honest with you. They will also make you feel secure to open up to them. They won’t force you, however. They will give you all the time you need to start trusting them.

They will never make you question the relationship you have with them. Instead, they will always tell you honestly how they feel and what you mean to them.

The right person will see you for the real you, not for who they like you to be.

They will fall in love with your soul, not with your looks or your job.

They will connect with you on a deep soul level.

With the right person, you won’t feel like you are wasting your time.

They will make plans with you and stick to them. They will show you that you are their number one priority. They will make sure you know they plan on spending their life with you.

With the right person, you will feel whole.

You will feel seen. You will feel understood. You will feel cherished and valued. You will feel like you matter.

You will feel the passion burning in your body and soul whenever you are with them.

Because with the right person, you will feel enough.

Because you are enough. And you deserve to have a person who will make you feel like this. Don’t settle for just about anyone.

Wait for your right person.

Mary Wright