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When God Brings Someone Into Your Life There Is a Reason Why

when someone comes into your life god sent them for a reason

Sometimes you can’t explain why you are attracted to a specific person – you just are. You can meet someone new and just “click.” Sometimes you can feel immense chemistry with a stranger and feel them closer to you than someone you have known for years.

When God brings someone into your life!

How does this attraction occur? I strongly feel that God has a way of bringing us closer to some people that we need in a certain period of our life. Maybe God put them in our path because we need to learn something about ourselves. After all, they need to teach us something.

I really believe that we never meet anyone by accident.

Every person that comes into our life is for a reason, even if we are not able to see it yet.

There is a reason why your heart started beating faster for a certain person. There is a reason why you both got attracted to each other.

When I reminisce about my past and the people from my past, there is not anyone who was in my life that was not valuable to me in one way or another. Each person taught me something and shaped me into the person that I am today. Yes, they didn’t stay with me, but they were never supposed to. Their purpose was to show me something and then let me go.

The trouble is that oftentimes we try so hard to keep these people in our lives forever even though they are there only temporarily. Their role is different. They are not meant to stay with us forever. God introduced you to these people only to prepare you for the one with whom you are meant to be forever.

We should let them go. Because if we get anxious and sad when they leave and beat ourselves up trying to understand why God would take this wonderful person away from us, we should look at this thing from a different perspective.

Maybe if they stayed longer than they were meant to be, their beauty and caring nature would have faded, and they wouldn’t have been an inspiration for you. Perhaps they would have become a burden for you instead of loving memory.

You have to be brave and have faith in yourself to let them go. Faith that this is for the better. Faith in God’s way of arranging things into your life so that, in the end, it will all make perfect sense.

Perhaps these people are there to teach you how to let go of things, how to detach from a love that no longer serves you, and have faith that even though the story is over – you are closer to the person that you were meant to be with.

Maybe they are angels that God sent to teach you something and help you heal, and when they are done – their purpose is to fly away to someone else’s life, the person they were meant to be with.

And finally, I believe that when we do meet the one that is meant to stay with us forever – we’ll just know. We will feel it with every fiber of our body and soul.

Until then, we should embrace the lessons and never stop evolving.

What It Means To Be Chosen By God

To be chosen by God means that God has specifically selected you to fulfill a certain mission. When God puts you in a situation to meet someone new, He puts you there to enlighten someone or to make someone’s life better. Your mission is a Godly one.

“For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth. The LORD did not set his love upon you, nor choose you, because ye were more in number than any people; for ye were the fewest of all people: But because the LORD loved you, and because he would keep the oath which he had sworn unto your fathers, hath the LORD brought you out with a mighty hand, and redeemed you out of the house of bondmen, from the hand of Pharaoh king of Egypt.” (Deuteronomy 7:6-8) [See also Deuteronomy 14:1-2; Psalms 33:12; Psalms 89:3-4]

“But thou, Israel, art my servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, the seed of Abraham my friend. Thou whom I have taken from the ends of the earth, and called thee from the chief men thereof, and said unto thee, Thou art my servant; I have chosen thee, and not cast thee away.” (Isaiah 41:8-9)

How Do You Know When God Puts Someone In Your Life

God had planned everything before you came into the world. Therefore, you can rest assured that your life is in God’s hands, and you only need to align yourself with Him. And when He puts someone into your life, it is with a purpose.

Here are some signs that God has put someone special in your life that you shouldn’t ignore.

1. When and how you meet

How did you feel when you two met each other? Did you have a feeling that it was divinely arranged? If you feel that you two met at the right time and at the right place, then maybe they are there for a purpose.

2. The connection between you two

When two people who are meant to be in each other’s lives meet, then the connection between them is instant. They feel as if they have known each other for years. The gestures, the communication, the understanding, and the happiness are mutual.

3. They are always honest with you

The person who is God sent for you will always tell you the truth. They are there to help you grow and see things clearly. They are there to open your mind and heart to new things and improve your life.

4. They respect you

The person that God has put in your life will respect and honor you. They will respect your ambitions, your feelings, your likes, and your dislikes. They will love you for you. They will always see the goodness in you instead of pointing out your flaws.

5. They will inspire you to improve your life

They won’t criticize you, and they won’t put you down. But, they will be your inspiration to improve your life. They will help you become better and overcome your shortcomings. They will only want what is best for you, and if they sense you are not happy with them, they will walk away.

Why Does God Put People In Your Life Just To Take Them Out

Every person you meet in your life is important. Every meeting is with a purpose. However, not every person you meet will stay in your life. Some people will come and go, but others will stay forever.

When someone walks out of your life, it means that God has taken them away for a reason. Here are some reasons for God taking out someone from your life.

1. The relationship has become toxic.

You will meet many people who are incompatible with you. They will be toxic for you, and it doesn’t mean they are evil per se, but they may be unknowingly hurting you. God sees that, and therefore, He takes them out of your life because He wants you to be happy.

2. You have become co-dependent on them.

God may remove someone from your life if He sees that you have become dependent on them. God wants to be your priority. Therefore, if you start worshipping someone else other than Him, He may remove them from your life.

3. God wants to bring someone else into your life.

When God removes someone from your life, it is usually a sign that He is about to bring someone else in. This is because He knows that the new person will make your life better, and that you will need more of their guidance. God knows what you need at any time, and so, He will bring just the right people to offer you what you need.

4. God has another plan for them.

God is almighty, and He has a plan for every one of us. And sometimes, He will take someone out of your life because He has planned something else for them. And that’s okay.

5. God knows that it’s time for the relationship to be over.

Not all relationships are meant to last, and sometimes God will force you to end the relationship by removing your partner from your life. This is not a bad thing; it only means that your relationship has run its course, and you both learned your lessons and, therefore, need to focus on other things.

6. God removes people from your life because He heard conversations you didn’t hear.

If your heart is broken that someone has walked away from you even though you didn’t do anything wrong and everything seemed perfect, then it’s probably God’s plan. Perhaps God has seen or heard something from this person and realized they are not for you. So, their rejection is, in a way, God’s divine protection.

7. God has better things planned for you.

Trust in God’s plans for you. He knows what’s best for you.

How Do You Know If He’s The One God Has For You?

God has confirmed he is the one.

God speaks to you in various ways. He may speak to you in a vision or dream. Either way, learning how to connect to God and listening to Him when He speaks to you is very important.

You are at peace.

You feel peaceful about your relationship, and that is the main sign that shows you are with the person who is right for you.

He is a godly man.

He is a man of God who loves God as much as you love Him.

Your friends and family love him.

When the people close to you approve of him, it is a sign that he is right for you. Because the people who love and care about you will see things clearly and won’t approve of someone if they see red flags. They won’t want to see you miserable and heartbroken.

You are ready to spend your life with them.

You are ready to promise to love him through good times and bad times. And vice versa. You both love each other and can’t wait to spend the rest of your lives together.

He is the answer to your prayers.

He is everything you have ever wanted and more.

Mary Wright