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The Whole Truth About Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time


Timing is a concept that not many people understand, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. Sometimes we meet someone who feels so right for us. We click immediately. We start imagining our future with them only to find that they are committed or they have to leave the state for work. 

There are relationships between partners who are so compatible that end because one of the partners is not ready to commit, and there are those relationships that end because things get quickly serious.

We start playing the ‘if only’ game. We whine to our family and friends, “if only I had met them five years from now,” “if only they didn’t have to leave the country,” “if only…”.

Sometimes timing is the third wheel in most of our relationships today. And yet, we never bother to think why we let timing play such an important role in our lives, and most importantly – why we let timing destroy our relationships?

As for me, I really believe that those people we meet at the “wrong” time are wrong people for us. Why? 

Because we never meet the right people at the wrong time simply because the right people are there to stay. The right people will inspire us to break our habits and abandon all the plans we had previously for a future with them.

The right people don’t leave us questioning whether we want to be with them – we know we never want to lose them from the very start. We just know from the first moment we see them that we want to have them in our life. That’s the kind of energy that it is so powerful and so hard to ignore or go against it.

Because when we are with our right person, we don’t worry about making time for them to fit them into our busy schedule because they naturally become an integral part of our schedule and life. Because we realize that everything is better with them next to us.

The right people don’t stand in the way of our happiness. They don’t make us choose them over everything else. Instead, they motivate us and encourage us to be a better person, to do better. They bring out the best in us and make us see ourselves for the wonderful people that we are.

With them by our side, we feel alive. We feel like finally, we have everything we need.

When we discard someone because the timing is wrong, the thing we are really saying is that we don’t care enough to spend our time with them.

There won’t be a magical time when all falls into place and all problems disappear because it’s the right time. But there will always be a person who will make the aspect of time irrelevant.

When we meet someone who is perfect for us, the time ceases to matter because we will let them in our life no matter what.

Mary Wright