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FULL STRAWBERRY MOON – Beware: А Massive Energy Shift Is Coming Our Way

The first Gemini eclipse with the North Node will happen on June 5th. The energy that awaits us is opposite from the sign of Gemini – it is filled with haziness and wondering.

It is literally the beginning of a new era that will be active and energetic as opposed to what was happening from 2016 to early 2020.

This eclipse is in Gemini, square Mars + Neptune in Pisces, making it one of Firewater. It is an eclipse of the creative, visionary, and ‘one with the Universe’ kind of people.

That’s what the element of Firewater is all about – energy, creativity, spirituality, vision, and active and vibrant imagination that could later manifest in reality.

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is central in 2020 and it happens once every 13 years. These two planets are in Retrograde like Venus is and are preparing to get exact again.

The human race will awaken and the tone of this eclipse will shift from pondering to active and visionary.

Uranus, on the other hand, represents the instant thought, so it means that many things can happen all of a sudden, and people’s lives will change drastically. We won’t be the same. 

Extroverts may suddenly become introverts and vice versa. You may catch yourself doing something you never thought you would do. 

Finally, this eclipse is a very positive one and it is an event that is long-awaited by astrologers and astronomers. 

This eclipse will literally give us more energy and make 2020 an active year, foreshadowing the even greater activity and energy for the years to come. 

If you want to take full advantage of this full moon, then you need a piece of paper, a pen, a quiet room, and some candles. 

Light the candles and start meditating. You should be calm and peaceful during this ritual. Then at 11:11 am or 1:11 pm start writing things down on the piece of paper. Write whatever comes to your mind. 

Then, read what you’ve written and underline the things that matter the most to you. Then close your eyes and start manifesting them by imagining them as they are already in your life. 

Love and planets! 

What is the difference between cartomancy and tarot card readings?

Talking about the most prevalent psychic skills, we will always think of cartomancy and tarot card readings. If you think that both are just reading cards to predict the future, you have underestimated their ability. Good psychics not only read cards but also people and offer practical guidance. While reading the cards, they will integrate their understanding of your personality and their professional skills into explaining the true meaning of the cards in your situation.

Tarot card reading has been playing a key role in predicting and foretelling one’s life and future since ancient times. It always helps people envision crucial life events and happenings and gets them prepared

Amazed by its incredible ability, you may be interested in taking part in it. However, to start with, you should know the disparity between the tarot card reading and the cartomancy.

How About Using Playing Cards to Read Tarot?

A tarot online does indeed provide more in-depth analysis and extra power to the meaning of the card layout, which is also known as the spread. This is done by the Major Arcana, an extra card set in the deck.

However, although ordinary playing cards don’t have the set, you can still perform divination and gain some inspiration. Being a professional tarot reader, I sometimes use playing cards for a valuable reading when the regular deck isn’t with me, and you can learn it too by following this cartomancy guide.

Tarot Reading

Even though there are many types of psychic readings, the tarot card has always been the most recognized, common, and prevalent one. Tarot cards comprise a wide mix of cards, resulting in a large deck. Unlike common decks of cards, they include wands, pentacles, cups, swords, and knights. Also, they comprise the familiar jacks, which symbolize male energy here.

Tarot card reading is perfect for predicting love and romance. It would definitely be the best choice if you are interested in seeing your affection and romantic life in the future. Surely, it also fits those who would like to gain some insight into the existing relationship. Tarot card readings help with all relationships.

Cartomancy Reading

The main difference between cartomancy and tarot card readings is that cartomancy reading involves using a regular deck of cards. However, both are similar to the extent that the cards represent some kinds of energy. In cartomancy reading, kings and queens embody male and female energies respectively while jacks symbolize young but gender-neutral energy.

Another difference is that cartomancy readings tell a wider range of information about your life and events. Despite providing a less focused reading than the tarot cards, it gives more accurate timings of the events.

Cartomancy reading is so easy that everyone can learn to do it. It can be done with any deck of cards, regardless of being new or not. However, being easy to start with doesn’t mean easy to master it. The best psychics are attuned to reading the clues. They will guide you to understand how to apply the readings to your own context by comprehending your energy. You will always get valuable advice and recommendations from them.

How to Read Playing Cards

  • Hearts, like cups, represent not merely love but all emotions and feelings including sadness and happiness. They also represent relationships, which always bring the full spectrum of emotions into our lives.
  • Spades, like swords, are connected to cognition and communication. They represent all the things that happened inside our heads such as decision-making and studying. Both constructive and destructive actions are also associated, including creating changes in our lives, encountering conflicts, and showing our ambitions.
  • Diamonds, like pentacles, coins, or discs, are used to showing all practical, tangible, and material aspects of life such as home, work, projects, and money. Interestingly, relationships are included again but are viewed from a practical perspective. It’s also worth noting that health issues may also be indicated here.
  • Clubs, like wands, rods, batons, or staves, are all related to action, symbolizing adventure, risk-taking, or competition. They can guide us in areas like creativity, business, intellect, or again relationships. Furthermore, they also represent physical or spiritual energy and attributes. For example, inspiration, ambition, and intuition.


Cartomancy and tarot card readings enlighten us by giving insight into the future, although they provide different information with different foci. Performed by a professional psychic, the readings will help you foresee, prepare, and adapt to the future.

Numerology 101: How to Find Your Personality Number

Numerology and what is astrology is an ancient practice that can help you divine truth about yourself, the world around you, future events, and even the universe.

Pythagoras, who famously created a geometrical theorem, is often credited as the founder of numerology. He believed, as many others do, that numbers and mathematical formulas are magical things that prove the existence of a higher power.

An ancient combination of mathematics, language, and philosophy makes numerology what it is today. Numerological calculations may initially seem confusing or complicated. But the process of finding your personality number is relatively straightforward.

What Is a Personality Number?

Numerology can help you discover your life path, your heart’s desire, and so much more. Personality numbers can help you to learn more about yourself and how you think, act, and feel. A personality number is always a single digit.

If you’re seeking to find some insight into your character and how others view you, you must discover and understand your personality number. Let’s get started!

How To Find Your Personality Number

When it comes to finding your personality number, consonants are your friends. Each consonant in your name has a numerical value, and these values are added together to find a sum. Often, this sum is a two-digit or three-digit number.

But, by separating this number into single integers and adding them together, you can usually arrive at a single-digit number. This number is your personality number.

The values assigned to each letter originate from the ancient Chaldean peoples that lived in Babylon.

Letters J and S all correspond to number one. Letters B, K, and T correspond to number two. By moving through the consonants in the English alphabet and counting them 1-9, you can easily create a numerology chart for efficient calculations.

Here is a helpful example of a name’s corresponding personality number. Tom May has four consonants in his name. They can be viewed as T (2) + M (4) + M (4) + Y (7) = 17. This is, of course, a two-digit number. To figure out the personality number, this sum must become two separate integers.

Therefore, 1 + 7 = 8. Tom May’s personality number is 8! This process may take a little practice, but you’re bound to get it down in no time. Once you’ve arrived at your personality number, you can begin to learn more about what that number means.

What Do the Personality Numbers Mean?

Did you find out that you’re a scholarly 7? Maybe you’re a friendly 2! No matter which number you got, here’s some helpful personality number information so you can understand a bit more about yourself!

Number 1

If you discovered that your personality number is 1, you’re a natural leader. But, you likely already know this about yourself. Your ambition is one of your most defining features!

One of the most significant challenges for you is learning patience and compassion. You value hard work and persistence more than almost anything. Meeting people with little confidence can be frustrating for you!

Number 2

If your personality number is 2, you’re an honest person. You tend to act with kindness, and others likely perceive you as being very gentle and trustworthy.

You’re a philosopher that enjoys time alone and time with friends and family. Often laidback and easy-going, you tend to roll with whatever punches life throws at you. However, others may think that you’re moody or emotional.

Number 3

If you’re a Number 3, then you’re pretty lucky! You have some exceptional characteristics, such as charisma, charm, and smarts. This makes you stand out from those around you, as you give off intense energy.

You’re most likely optimistic about most things in life, and you tend to be the most talkative of your friends and family. Don’t worry about annoying anyone — people love your spirit and cheerful attitude!

Number 4

If you came to find that your personality number is 4, then you’re a well-organized person. If you made a chart to figure out your number, you probably used a ruler or straight-edged item to ensure that the table looks stunning.

You’re a frugal, hard-working person that desires appreciation for all that you do. Therefore, it’s crucial that you surround yourself with kind and compassionate individuals.

Number 5

Number 5’s are full of energy. They also tend to have eclectic tastes and interests, an inability to control their impulses, and a vivid imagination. If you’re a Number 5, take heart. You’re the life of the party!

But your exuberance can be excessive, which is why it’s essential for people with this personality number to learn self-control and respect the wishes of others.

Number 6

If you’re a Number 6, then you’re a natural-born caretaker. You may find yourself continually giving advice and assistance to friends, family members, and co-workers. Anyone in need seems to grab your attention!

You are likely generous with your time, energy, and resources. For you, the essential thing in life is making those around you comfortable. This can lead to situations where you’re taken advantage of, though, so be careful.

Number 7

Number 7’s tend to enjoy pursuits of the mind. If your personality number is 7, others likely perceive you as being an enigma of sorts. You’re highly independent, secretive, and academic.

You may keep to yourself and only speak when compelled to do so. Others may see this as shyness or disinterest, but for you, it’s a matter of importance. You tend to conserve your energies for larger, more personal projects.

Number 8

If your personality number is 8, then your intuition is keen. You can judge situations with ease and accuracy, which can allow you to achieve tremendous heights of success. You may tend to surround yourself with powerful or influential people.

However, your controlling nature and desire for attention and affluence could end up being your downfall. Remember to respect the little people, and you should be fine!

Number 9

Number 9 personalities tend to be charitable and influential. As with Number 1 personality, you may be extremely confident and gregarious. However, this sometimes comes off as pure arrogance to those around you.

While you’re likely talented and a creative problem solver, you may begin to think of yourself as better or above others. Don’t allow yourself to fall into this trap! While you are undoubtedly exceptional, it is vital that you learn to appreciate those around you.

Embrace Your Personality Number

Though you may feel that your personality number doesn’t accurately describe you, give it some deep thought. Chances are, you may be hiding an aspect of yourself that you do not wish to reveal or embrace.

The beauty of discovering your personality number is that it allows you to feel a sense of connectedness with yourself and with the energy you give to the world! Once you’ve mastered and fully understood your number, you can explore other aspects of numerology, like your life path.

Doing so may grant you the clarity and peace of mind you’ve been seeking!

This Is What Makes You Annoying According To Your Zodiac Sign


You deeply believe you are deserving of all the great things in the world. Yes, you are highly driven and motivated to achieve them all, but your constant need of worship gets on people’s nerves. Your competitiveness and eagerness to succeed at all cost are annoying as hell. Sometimes, you forget how it is to be a part of a team which makes it hard for other people to collaborate and work with you because you like everything to be done your way. You are determined and headstrong, but your take charge attitude can be your downfall because you may make rash and hasty decisions that you’ll end up regretting. Your impulsivity just doesn’t let you think twice before acting on something. Most of the time, you are focused on you and your needs which makes others feel as if they can’t talk with you about their problems. Plus, your hot-tempered nature is making them feel like they are dealing with a child that is constantly having tantrums.


You are known as being the most stubborn of all zodiac signs. You don’t make compromises when it comes to your ideas and beliefs of the world and are unwilling to change them as well as your habits. You are not the only one who is always right, Taurus. That’s why people are annoyed by you. You are so set in your ways that you are not willing to take any risks and try something new that is out of your comfort zone. You sometimes tend to withdraw from people and shut out those who love you because you want to be alone, but this behavior of yours hurts them. Moreover, your laziness gets on their nerves because they all want you to just get your ass off from the couch and do something different for a change. Finally, you never like to admit that you are wrong and that infuriates people. Maybe you should learn how to apologize and swallow your pride before you lose your friends.


People see you and they think, “Can you just shut the f*ck up?!” Yes, your extrovert nature is often attractive, but sometimes you are too chatty that you annoy everyone around you. You can sound like a broken record and repeat the same story over and over again not letting anyone get a word in. Sometimes, you don’t know how to listen to others and that frustrates people. Also, you are very energetic and sometimes people just want you to sit down and drink your coffee in silence without that excitedness and enthusiasm in the morning. Finally, your fickle nature and your inability to make up your mind make you come off as superficial and people have a hard time trusting you.


Oh, cancer! I can talk all day about your whininess but you are so easily hurt and so emotional, I just can’t. Okay, I’ll try to be subtle. You are whiny, Cancer. You are whiny when things don’t go as you planned. And when you are not whining about the “terrible thing” that happened today, you are busy crying for everything you’ve gone through in your past. Get over it, already. You are moody as well. You are very unpredictable and people don’t know what mood are you going to have today. Some of them even feel as they need to walk on eggshells around you, not knowing what goes in your head and worrying that they will make the wrong move to piss you off. You have a hot and cold behavior and that’s what makes your romantic relationships extremely difficult. Deep down, you fear rejection and you make other people responsible for your insecurities. Please, learn how to let go.


Okay, Leo. Put down your mirror and take a moment to read about some annoying traits you have that piss off others. Your love to be always in the spotlight is known to everyone. You enjoy being the center of attention and your overconfident nature makes you look like a vain, self-obsessed, and egotistical creature. People just can’t know what’s hidden in your heart and what’s the real you because you are so busy telling them how amazing you are. Moreover, you are very dramatic, especially when you don’t get what you want. Then, you lose your temper and you get loud and say things without thinking through. As a result, you make other people feel as they should tiptoe around you.


Virgo, you are hard to please and that’s what makes you utterly annoying to people. You are a perfectionist that is never content with anything. You spend a great amount of time and energy analyzing other people’s behavior and looking for flaws in them, which annoys the hell out of them. No one wants to feel like they are under a microscope the whole time. Plus, with all your demands and criticism they can’t stand you. You are a know it all, the person who just has to succeed in everything. Your overly calculative nature can cost you some great people if you are not being careful. Take a deep breath and relax a little.


Oh, Libra. Your friends get so annoyed at you every time you dump them when you get in a relationship. They are so tired of it. You are someone who can’t be alone, you always need to be surrounded by people because you can’t seem to find your identity. This is only because you love being in a relationship and when you are in one, you become so obsessed with it that it starts getting unhealthy. It not only annoys your friends; it suffocates your partner. You are terrified of being alone and that’s why you attach so much to others to a point it gets exhausting for them. On the other hand, you are easily distracted which makes you unable to stick to a decision or even to people. You are a people pleaser who never likes to pick sides and that’s why people can’t expect much honesty from you as you always tell them what you think they want to hear.


You can be such a vengeful, manipulative, secretive, and hostile bitch. Your intense and passionate nature can quickly turn into anger, especially when you don’t get what you want. You use manipulation as a tool to get others to behave as you want. You never take anything lightly because of your intensity. You also become very emotionally invested in people and because of that, you fear to lose them, so you try to “protect” them using any means you have. You have very deep trust issues which make you look paranoid and it annoys people. They can’t deal with your intensity. You are all about extremes and not everyone is like you. Moreover, you are so secretive about your things and endeavors, but you expect others to be 100% upfront with you and that’s not fair.


Oh, Sagittarius. You don’t know how to stay in one place, do you? You are unpredictable as hell and you have so much energy in you that people can’t keep up with you and it makes them crazy. You live to explore and learn new things, but others always interpret it as you being childish and inconsistent. You are very fun and friendly, you are the life of the party, but you tend to also be careless and easily distracted which is annoying. You look as if you lack empathy and compassion because you are so focused on living your life to the fullest not caring about others.


Your ambitious and goal-oriented nature sometimes can come off as you being arrogant and cold. You always think you are right, and other people get annoyed by it. You seem to lack the ability and willingness to hear other people’s point of view even when you know in your heart that you may be wrong. You always stick to your guns and defend your cause and this stubbornness gets on other people’s nerves. Moreover, if someone is not as ambitious and hard-working as you, you look down on them which makes you look like a snob. People get annoyed by you being so concerned by your reputation and image. Chill, Capricorn. Let things be. Go with the flow for a change, not everything needs to be pre-planned.


You are so annoying because of your robotic nature which makes others very uncomfortable. They feel they cannot interact with you properly because they feel they are interacting with a robot. It’s just so hard to connect with you because of your aloofness and devil may care attitude. You are so detached when it comes to your feelings. You lack emotional intelligence and this is what makes you so annoying to those around you. You are stubborn, impatient, and a little immature. You are also eccentric, extremely individualistic, and you don’t care about what others think of you (which I admit, it’s not a bad thing).


You are so messy, Pisces. You are also very impractical. A hot mess, both physically and emotionally. You can’t keep anything in order and honestly, people are exhausted from dealing with you and clearing your mess. You are very compassionate and you are there to help others, even though you are a mess yourself. Everyone can count on you when they have a problem, but you are unreliable because you tend to easily forget things and promises. Also, you are extremely sensitive and because of that, you have a tendency to jump to conclusions. Get your head out of the clouds and be more practical. Not every cute person you meet is the love of your life. Get real and leave your fantasy world for a moment.

This Is What Makes You Scared Shitless Of Love, According To Your Zodiac Sign


Aries, you love living your life to the fullest! Your personal space and independence are the things that you cherish the most and you won’t let anyone take them away from you. You are not scared to live your life alone. In fact, sometimes you believe you will be better like that.

Your biggest fear is having someone restrict you in some shape or form and slow you down. You are terrified of losing the fire that burns so bright inside you. But the truth is, deep inside, you want a committed relationship. You want to love and be loved with the same passion and intensity. You want a healthy and secure relationship in which you will have plenty of room to breathe because you fear someone entering your life and changing your routine.


Taurus, you are very stubborn and so accustomed to your life as it is that you despise change. You live so peacefully and happily in your comfort zone and you can stay there forever. But your comfort zone has also become your barrier from the world and people as you don’t let anyone in. You are so self-reliant that you fear losing your independence and relying on someone else to make you happy and fulfilled.

You may appear heartless and standoffish but, on the inside, you are a hopeless romantic that believes in true love. When it comes to relationships, you only prefer committed and long-term ones. You don’t date around. You don’t do casual dating. You want all or nothing. That’s why you fear to get your heart broken because you’ve learned the hard way that not all people are as genuine as you are.


Gemini, you are so unpredictable! You constantly change your mind due to your insatiable curiosity for experiencing new things and your zest for life. That’s why you are afraid of falling in love. Because you don’t want to be imprisoned by it. You love flirting and meeting new people and at the same time, you hate being stuck in one place. You are afraid of the thought of being committed to one person because you like keeping your options open and you don’t want to think whether the person next to you is the right one.

You always thrive for excitement and new experiences and that’s why you are terrified that falling in love with someone will bring stillness in your life. You want to constantly grow and expand as a person. Your rich social life is sacred to you and you are not willing to give it up or give yourself up for the sake of being in a relationship.


Oh, Cancer… you are the most sensitive and affectionate sign of all the zodiac. You have a nurturing nature that is always there for others. You are not scared to show people how much you love and care for them. When you fall in love, you love with all your being and you give your all to them. You are very trustworthy and dedicated and your partner should consider themselves lucky to have you in their life.

However, this empathic nature of yours has put you in the arms of toxic partners who abused your good intentions. They broke your heart and that’s why now you are afraid to love again. You are afraid to get your heart broken again. Therefore, you are also scared of baring your soul to someone and being vulnerable because you know how fake people can be and only take without giving anything in return.


Leo, everything you do, you do with love and passion! Your world is filled with love and romance. You fall in love quickly because you adore the idea of being in love. However, finding someone compatible and staying in a relationship with them is where it gets tricky. You fear being disappointed and that’s why you are incredibly picky when it comes to choosing your partner. You have very high standards that are probably pushing away possible matches.

You want to be in a reciprocal relationship. You want to be seen, appreciated, and adored. You crave emotional connection and devotion and a lack of it may cause you to fall out of love. You are terrified of giving your heart and soul to someone only to having to separate again due to their lack of making you feel loved.


Virgo, you only reveal the parts of you that you want others to see. Your walls are so high that you almost never let anyone so close to you to know the real you. Your analytical and overly critical nature makes you sometimes hard to deal with, but you are only being hard on yourself. Your desire for perfectionism has attracted many lost and toxic souls to you who needed saving.

That’s where your true fear lies – in the possibility of experiencing love in the truest form and what would that mean to you. The mere idea of having to open to someone and being vulnerable scares you shitless. You are afraid that your partner may not like the not-so-good parts of you that you are hiding deep inside you. Intimacy scares you because, in your belief, everything has to be perfect and so do you. However, you forget that not you, not me, not anyone is or ever will be perfect.


Libra, you are a romantic sign that dreams of true love and being swept off their feet. You fear being alone and that’s the reason why you tend to get yourself involved in casual flings. However, finding your true partner is one of your most important priorities for you. You want to be in a stable and committed relationship with a partner with whom you will share a deep bond – a complete submission of mind, body, and soul.

Your greatest fear is intimacy and revealing yourself to the other person because you are so preoccupied with your flaws and insecurities. Your charming nature makes you great at small talk, meeting new people and forming new connections, however, you fear getting deeper than that. You are scared shitless of loneliness that instead of trying to find love, you are pushing it away. You run from love, so you won’t be abandoned and left out in the cold.


Scorpio, your number one fear is being betrayed by the person you love. You are naturally suspicious of everyone, but the fear of being betrayed in love is greater than anything because it is also accompanied by fears of abandonment and rejection. You want to be able to trust your partner 100 percent, and yet you are so mysterious yourself. Behind your ‘calm, cool, and collected’ exterior, there is an ocean of depth, emotions, skeletons, secrets, and thoughts that only you have access to. Because you fear revealing your true self to others and having them broke your trust and heart.

You are very intense, Scorpio, especially when it comes to love. You don’t accept anything mediocre. You don’t half-ass things. You are brutally honest, and you always tell like it is. You’ve been hurt in the past and that’s why now you are afraid to open up to someone again and losing yourself in the relationship. You fear happiness because you fear getting hurt again. Amazing opportunity and happiness can be in front of your eyes and yet you may not see them because you tend to self-sabotage yourself and everything good that happens to you out of paranoia.


Sagittarius, your energy, curiosity, and your insatiable desire for living life to the fullest has made you crave more exciting experiences and adventures than true love. For you, your biggest fear is living a boring life. You desire constant excitement thus you are scared shitless of having to settle down for a relationship and the routine that you think comes with it. That’s why you always run before you get too attached to someone.

You associate commitment with monotony and boredom and that’s why you are terrified of getting yourself involved in it and having to give up traveling, meeting new people and learning new things. And while you may have a reputation of being a player, you are an idealist when it comes to love, and you don’t want to get involved with emotional manipulators and toxic people.


Your self-control, focus, responsibility, discipline, and self-mastery are astounding! You fear love because, in your opinion, love is always an unpredictable mess, something that doesn’t have a place in your perfectly composed world. You don’t want to allow someone into your life only to make havoc out of it and make you feel like you somehow failed (something that you also hate).

You are very realistic and when it comes to love, you are especially careful, and you don’t wear your rose-tinted glasses. When you are in a relationship you want it to be for the long haul, you want to see a future with your partner, otherwise, you won’t even start. For you, love is an investment of time, money, energy, and effort. You always want to be perceived as strong and therefore, you fear losing the upper hand when it comes to the matters of the heart.


Aquarius, your need for freedom and alone time is great and sometimes, you feel like falling in love will limit you in some way. You are extremely committed and loyal when you are in a relationship and while you give your partner all the freedom they need, you expect the same in return. You fear being smothered in a relationship.

You are scared that you are never going to find someone who will understand you and your individuality. Someone who will understand how much you need to have a space for doing your own things. Your gut instinct never fails you, even though you are always guided by logic and not emotions because you fear that love will make you look like a crazy and stupid person. You fear trusting someone and opening yourself for love because you’ve been hurt before and you don’t want to go through it again.


Pisces, your greatest fear is being taken advantage of. You are very generous and sensitive, and you are always there to help everyone in need without expecting anything in return. That’s why you attract troubled and tortured souls that are in dire need of healing. You don’t have very strong boundaries and your naïve selfless nature immediately wants to rescue them and love them, but unfortunately, those souls you help heal are oftentimes the same ones that end up breaking your heart.

You are hopeless romantic that wants to find “the one.” You want the fairytale kind of love. The everlasting one. This is what makes you terrified of love because you know that you are prone to getting yourself attached to someone too easily and unfortunately, it is usually with the wrong person. And now, you want to avoid getting hurt at all costs.