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What Does a Forehead Kiss Mean – 7 Reasons It Is A Sign Of True Intimacy

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The type of kiss will define a man’s intentions. Love, passion, or else – where he places his lips will tell you the truth. That’s what makes it intriguing. Every place has a different meaning. After all, it feels different too, right?

How many times have you caught yourself contemplating or daydreaming about a forehead kiss because we all know that’s the ultimate statement of love? You know, the one that takes a relationship one step up that emotional bond staircase, the one that creates a spiritual bond between you and your partner?

What does a forehead kiss mean?

How many times have you asked yourself when is he going to kiss you in the forehead and seal his love for you with that ultimate forehead kiss, with that ultimate proof of love, that gentle caress of his mouth touching your head? (1)

Forehead kisses are those rare gems that happen every once in a blue moon, but when they do, you know there is a special connection between you and the person that gave you that head kiss. It’s because they are rare, unplanned, and spontaneous. That’s what makes them more precious. 

The fun thing about kisses on the forehead is that they can’t be from anyone. Forehead kisses signify a long-lasting and meaningful connection between two people. They show tenderness and genuine love and they mean much more than a simple, slobbery kiss in the mouth.

Albeit the psychology behind kissing forehead is pretty clear, it still puzzles many women: What else is there? What does it symbolize for men?

Stick around to find out.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Kisses Your Forehead?

A cute, innocent kiss on your cheek can show you that someone likes you, a gentlemanly, kiss on your palm will prove that someone respects you, and a romantic and sensual kiss on the lips will reveal their deepest fantasies about you.

But, I’m sure you’ll all agree that there’s one kind of kiss that is a lot more personal than the others.

What Does A Kiss On The Forehead Mean?

Forehead kisses show that a person truly cares about you and is thinking of you, every waking hour.

A forehead kiss is a symbol of care and affection. It is a symbol of pure love without hidden intentions, the ultimate proof that someone wants to be with you outside of the bedroom, that they care for your emotional well-being and plan a future with you. The men that will kiss you on the forehead is planning a life with you, he feels close to you, he feels loved and understood, so he is not afraid to show his emotions and weaknesses in front of you.  (2)

A forehead kiss is also sign of consolation and comfort when you are feeling like life has dealt you more cards than your hands can handle at the moment.   

When your man is grateful to you for the emotional void that you filled in his life, he will kiss you on the forehead. He is grateful you exist. You make his life easier and complete. He may not be able to express it with words, but he certainly will through a head kiss.

Now, this isn’t to say that bedroom relationship hugs and kisses are out of the question. A man that loves you will give you a forehead kiss during sex or after it – and it still has a positive meaning! He is BOTH passionate about you and sees his future family with you. Isn’t this just wholesome?

Men have their subtle ways of expressing love, care, and affection that sometimes, we women, overlook.

Men love playing the alpha, they love leading the game of seduction, and love compliments although it may seem like they don’t affect them. They like to play cool and indifferent.

However, when they decide to strip their soul naked in front of a woman, choose her over video games or their group of friends, and have the courtesy to hold her hand, introduce her to their family, AND kiss her on the head on top of everything else, especially if she is in pain or distress… they are just trying to show that they will protect her!

Men are all macho and alpha, but when in love, they will express their emotions and protection through intimacy, so whenever a man is kissing you on the forehead, it’s for a reason.

Tune in to your intuition. It’s love, gratitude, care, consolation, or protection in the question!

7 Reasons Why A Forehead Kiss Shows A Great Deal Of True Intimacy:


They reveal a connection between two people that goes beyond the physical realm of our existence. It shows a person’s affection, love, and adoration for another person. It says, “You did perfect” or “I’m proud to have you”. It is a beautiful physical manifestation of one’s emotions.


A strong connection isn’t necessarily established by first being sexual with another human being. And the forehead kiss is right here to prove that.

There’s nothing more intimate and meaningful than that. A kiss on the forehead reveals much more about true intimacy than any other passionate and hot kiss ever could.


Another thing that forehead kisses reveal is appreciation. Your partner can say thank you for doing something for them and kiss you on your forehead. In my opinion, it’s one of the best ways to show someone your sincere emotions.


There’s no doubt that these innocent, tender kisses on the forehead make us feel loved and cared for. Especially when they’re from a person whom we love very much.

They show a special kind of affection, something that can never be revealed with a simple kiss on the mouth.

Having a person who enjoys kissing your forehead means having someone who truly loves you.


It is basically kissing the energy field located on your forehead. The third eye chakra represents a higher awareness of yourself, the universe, and your surroundings.

So, a kiss on the forehead is practically kissing the window of your soul. This itself is an extraordinary and profound connection.


Most importantly, I believe that a kiss on the forehead has the power to tell us much more than words. It can show us a certain affection that a simple “I love you” could never show.

It’s communicating without talking. Everything that your soul desires will be manifested in that perfect moment when your head touches their lips.


 Imagine this. It’s early morning, and you’re all cozied up in your blankets. Your partner hugs you from behind, rolls you over, and gives you a gentle kiss on your forehead before they leave for work.

Now, is there a better, more intimate, and genuine moment than this?

Stephanie Reeds