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Don’t Waste Your Time With Mr. Maybe, Wait For Mr. Right Instead


It is so easy to fall in love with Mr. Maybe. Especially if he is polite, smart, charming, ambitious, and utterly handsome. However, Mr. Maybe is the guy who is not giving his all to the relationship. I mean, he is loving and attentive and he really tries to make it work, but you can just feel it that something is missing, even if you can’t put a name on it.

That’s the trouble with Mr. Maybe. I had one Mr. Maybe in my life, and for so long I was making excuses for him and myself about why I was staying. And let me tell you what our relationship looked like and how I was feeling during the whole time.

“Maybe” he will call you during the day to hear your voice and hear about your day.

“Maybe” he will listen to you when you talk to them about a personal problem.

“Maybe” he will go with you to your cousin’s wedding or your friend’s birthday party.

“Maybe” he is really busy and doesn’t have time to see you.

“Maybe” he loves you but doesn’t know how to show his feelings.

“Maybe” he is so focused on his work.

“Maybe” he wasn’t ignoring you when you told him you miss him.

“Maybe” he was just busy.

“Maybe” he really cares about you and wants you in his life but is emotionally hurt and thus unavailable.

“Maybe” he forgot to call you back.

“Maybe” he didn’t mean to forget your birthday.

“Maybe” he is afraid to say ‘I love you’ back.

“Maybe” he will be ready soon.

The list can go on, but the point is – sometimes it’s not worth wasting your time and energy on a guy like this.

Don’t settle for maybes. ‘Maybe’ is another word for someone who is not that into you. Wait for Mr. Right instead. The man who will show you the meaning of true love.

Mary Wright