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7 Evil Things That Every Toxic Person In Your Life Has In Common


So many people in your life could be completely toxic. It could be your partner, your best friend, your boss, or even your closest family members. It only makes sense then that everyone will have the misfortune of being affected by these people’s poison at some point. However, not everyone is able to grasp who in their lives might actually be a toxic person.

If it goes unnoticed for too long, they can completely rob you of all your joy. That’s why it’s so important to take the first steps to protect yourself by recognizing their negative behavior. To help you, here are 7 evil things that every toxic person in your life has in common.

1. They Could Care Less If They Upset You

It’s not just that they don’t mind if they upset you, they often do it on purpose. In fact, they’ll even go out of their way to make you and the other people around them feel uncomfortable. Hurting people gives them a sense of pleasure and control that they will do anything to get.

2. They Won’t Apologize

This is the kind of person who genuinely thinks that they can do no wrong. To them, everyone else is always to blame. They could do the most horrible thing imaginable to you, but they’ll still convince themselves that they’re right. If by some chance that they do say “sorry,” they’ll go out of their way to let you know that it’s not sincere.

3. They’re Quick to Anger

Toxic people have the shortest fuses. Any tiny thing that you do can send them into a fit of rage. However calm they may appear when they want to be, they’re hiding a terrifying fury underneath it all. The worst part is, you have no idea what’s going to set them off next.

4. They Exaggerate Everything

These people are master liars. However, they don’t always tell barefaced lies. Most of their time is usually spent exaggerating everything instead. Since they want to seem like the most interesting person in the world, they’ll make all their stories more exciting. More often than not, they’ll even try to make themselves look better than they are too.

5. They Make You Try Hard to Please Them

It’s like this person has two completely separate personalities. Sadly, you never know what will set them off and make them transform into a monster. Because of that, being around them is a complete nightmare and you’re constantly walking on eggshells just to keep them happy.

6. They Judge You

Nothing you do is every good enough for them. In all honesty, they think that they’re better than you and they have no problem with telling you that. As a result, they have a negative opinion about everything you do. They constantly judge everything you say, and everything you do, and every decision you make.

7. They Manipulate You

In any situation, their only desire is to have complete control. Likewise, they want to have control over the people in their lives too. To achieve that, they’ll use malicious manipulative techniques just to gain power over you. More often than not, these things leave you feeling completely powerless to them.

Removing a toxic person from your life is a difficult task. This is especially true if that person is someone who’s close to you. However, the best thing that you can do for your own wellbeing is to cut them out of your life entirely. Remember, you don’t need to feel guilty because this person will only ever try to hurt you.

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Eva Jackson