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The Strongest Women Out There Had Toxic Fathers


“My Father had a profound influence on me. He was a lunatic.”

– Spike Milligan

Childhood is the first and biggest way that we learn about the world. What you see as a child greatly affects who you become in later life as well as what your morals will be. That’s why the role-models that you have are so important in a person’s development.

As a child, the biggest role-models that you have are your parents. Although many people are blessed with wonderful and loving mothers and fathers, others aren’t so lucky. Despite how hard their upbringing may have been, the strongest women out there had toxic fathers.

They Never Rely On Anyone Else

Women who’ve had a difficult upbringing spent most of their childhoods doing things for themselves. They cleaned up after themselves, finished their homework alone, and were their own emotional support. Although it may have been difficult then, it’s only made them stronger now.

These women are self-sufficient and would never rely on other people to get things done for them. They know that they have the power to do whatever they need to do without anyone’s help because they’ve been doing it their whole lives. Most of all, they are their own saviors since they know there’s no point in waiting around for anyone else.

They Understand the World

Life isn’t like some rom-com where a man sweeps a woman her feet. Life isn’t a movie where everything turns out okay in the end. No one knows these things better than the woman who had a toxic father. He was never there to make her life better, and no other man will be either.

So, she makes her own happiness. She creates the world that she wants and doesn’t blindly hope that it will shape itself. As well as that, she’s not going to go looking for love to make her feel whole because she knows that it just doesn’t work that way. However, if a guy comes along that treats her well and makes her happy, she’ll gladly let him in.

They Try To Be Better People

These women saw just how heinous people could be. They saw what it was like to be around someone who did nothing but look out for themselves and who destroyed everything in the process. Although that could cause some people to follow the same path, these women refuse to fall down that hole.

They want to be better than their fathers were. Instead of letting themselves hold onto the awful behaviors that they learned, they fight back. These women work every day to improve themselves and become better people. Most of all, they try to be the people that their fathers never were.

A father is meant to teach his daughter how to navigate the world. In spite of that, some girls just don’t have that kind of relationships with their dads. Instead, they end up with toxic fathers. That won’t stop them from living their lives though. In fact, these women end up being stronger, fiercer, and more confident because of it.

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Eva Jackson