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The Death Of A Dog Can Be Just As Heartbreaking As The Death Of A Loved One


They say that a dog can be your best friend. Those aren’t just idle words, as the connection between a person and their pet can often be as strong as true friendship or, in some cases, even family. It’s no surprise then that the loss of a dog can be emotionally devastating for people.

Anyone who’s lost a dog recently will need time to mourn, despite what some people may think. According to leading experts, the death of a dog can be as heartbreaking as the death of a loved one.

There’s a Close Bond

Anyone who has a dog as a pet can tell you that they feel a close connection to them. Their dog is a constant companion who’s always by their side, no matter what else may happen in life. As well as that, science has said that to form a connection with a dog, we use our brains in the same way as we do to form a connection with a person. Because of this, the bond these two can be just as strong as any friendship.

Having a pet is a lot of work, but also extremely rewarding. More than likely, you’ll spend years with them, caring for them and loving them. In most cases, people’s pets will almost always be home when they are, meaning that they spend a huge amount of time together. When your dog passes away, that routine is broken. They are no longer there when you expect them to be, and that can be too much for some people to bear.

You Lose Real Love

No matter what anyone tries to say, research has shown that humans really do love their pets. They don’t just provide love though, they also provide companionship, comfort, and a constant positive presence. After they pass on, you lose all of it. How could you not feel grief when you lose something so precious to you?

Dog owners spend years caring for their canine companions. They feed them, take them for walks, play with them, and be there to give them pets and cuddles. This can lead them to feel an enormous level of responsibility for their dogs. They can feel extremely guilty when their beloved pets die, making the process of grief so much worse for them.

You Don’t Need to Move on Immediately

Losing a dog is one of the worst pains that you could ever experience. When it happens, people will expect you to get over it fairly quickly, despite how you may feel inside. Just because it’s popular opinion that you need to forget about it and move on, doesn’t mean that you have to listen to it. You have every right to mourn for the love that you’ve lost.

Remember, they may be gone, but they will forever live on in your memories. It’s only natural that you would have had some amazing times with your companion, so keep those thoughts close to you. Whenever you miss them too much, take a look at some old photographs and take comfort in the memory of your friendship.

If you’ve lost a dog, you will truly understand how distressing it is. It can be just as hard as the loss of a close friend. The bond that you shared with them is something so strong that many people may not understand it, but it doesn’t matter if they don’t get it. It may be hard now, but remember that your dog had a good, happy life that was full of love.

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Eva Jackson