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Asking A Woman’s Parents For Permission To Marry Her Is Complete Bullsh*t


We’re in the 21st century and things have changed a lot over the years. In the western world, people accept people of other races, gay marriage is legal in many places, and women are no longer a commodity.

Despite how much our views have changed over the years, we’ve still clung on to some pretty ridiculous traditions, especially when it comes to marriage. Asking a woman’s parents for permission to marry her is complete bullsh*t that needs to stop.

You’re Not Buying Her

It’s not like your walking up to someone and asking to take one of the chickens from their yard. This is a woman we’re talking about, not a farm animal. If she loves you and you love her, why do you need anyone else’s opinion on that?

A woman is not a possession that’s owned by her parents. She is self-sufficient, conscious and free. No one else is pulling the strings for her and no one else is in control of her. So, why ask someone else if you can have her?

She Can Make Her Own Decision

Let’s be real for a second – it’s 2019. It’s no longer the days of women being kept as housewives or getting a smaller paycheck than men do. Women are free to work, to join the military, and to do whatever they want to create the life they want. Most of all, they can make their own decision.

Marriage is something between two people. It should be decided by the two people involved, not by their families. Yes, it may affect them in ways such as who they invite to Thanksgiving dinner, but beyond that, it’s your life. As well as that, it’s her life too. If she wants to marry you, she doesn’t need her parent’s permission to do it.

It’s a Ridiculous Tradition

Women may be free now, but they didn’t use to be. They were used, traded, and owned. Back then, marriage wasn’t about love, it was about partnership and having babies together, whether she wanted that or not.

Asking a woman’s parents for permission is an old tradition from that time. It’s what’s leftover from the oppression that women once faced. Unlike how it used to be when two people get married, they now go into it as equals. So, let her be your equal and don’t ask for permission from anyone else except for her.

The only person who you should consult if you want to marry someone is the woman herself. She is free to decide her own path and doesn’t need her parents to choose for her. If you love her, then leave her parents out of it and remember that this is between you and her, and no one else.

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Eva Jackson