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Each Zodiac Sign Ranked By How Difficult They Are To Love


Each zodiac sign has its strengths and weaknesses. Some are impatient, overly-emotional, proud, or easily distracted. For some of them, however, their weakness is their ability to let love in.

Sadly, some signs are just harder to love than others, despite how amazing they may be in other aspects. Here is each zodiac sign ranked by how difficult they are to love.

12. Cancer

People with this sign have some of the biggest hearts out there. They’re natural caretakers, nurturers, and have the amazing ability to love unconditionally. In a relationship, they’re extremely loyal and will do whatever they can to put a smile on their partner’s face. They truly know exactly what it means to love and be loved.

11. Pisces

This sign is known for loving deeply and intensely. They’re emotional people and have no problem expressing that with people. This means that communication between them and their partner will never be a problem. Along with their honestly, they’re truly committed and will do anything for the person that they love.

10. Libra

Libras appreciate balance, harmony, and beauty. What they want most in life is to see everyone be happy. Because of this, they’ll go to the moon and back to make sure that their significant other is in a good place. They will show their partner what real love is and help to grow it a bit more every day.

9. Taurus

If you want to be with someone who’s loyal until the very end, a Taurus is the best choice. When they love someone, they’re in it for the long haul. Along with that, they’re never afraid to speak their mind and lay everything out on the table for their partner to see.

8. Leo

Despite how intimidating they may seem, Leos just want someone to love who will love them too. When they’re in a relationship, their partner is their main focus. As long as the person that they’re with gives them their independence, they will love them deeply.

7. Aries

Aries are passionate people who will make their partner the center of their world. In addition to that, they also do their best to be a priority for their significant other too. They cheer their partner on and are a shoulder for them to cry on when they need it. The only issue that can arise is if Aries tries to push things to go too fast because of their impatient nature.

6. Capricorn

This is sign is one of the most practical and hardworking in the zodiac. They also work hard at their relationships and usually remain completely loyal once they’re committed to someone. On the other hand, they can come off as a bit distant. It takes a lot of effort and time to break through the cold exterior of a Capricorn.

5. Sagittarius

This sign can get bored very easily and tends to be very impulsive because of that. As well as jumping from one thing to the other, they can also jump from one person to the other too. Despite that, when they find someone special who can keep up with them, they’ll never let them go.

4. Aquarius

People with this sign are known for being reserved and private. It can be hard for them to open up to others, which makes relationships a bit difficult sometimes. However, if they can feel comfortable enough with someone to allow themselves to be vulnerable, it can turn into a strong, long-lasting love.

3. Gemini

Geminis are usually extremely indecisive, highly emotional, and unwilling to be vulnerable with others. Along with that, they normally have difficulty communicating their real feelings. Because of these things, relationships can be a challenge for them. However, if they can get past these issues, they will love their partner intensely.

2. Scorpio

People with this sign never know what they want. They jump from one extreme to the next without ever stopping to take a break. Being in a relationship with a Scorpio can be emotionally draining for some people. They will need a lot of emotional growth before they’re ready for a serious relationship.

1. Virgo

This sign is known for being self-sufficient, analytical, and sometimes a bit controlling. They’re often not even aware that they keep people at a distance until they’re completely sure that they can trust them. Before they can fully love someone, they need to let their walls down which is often a near-impossible task for them.

Although some signs may be more difficult to love than others, it’s never impossible to love them. With the right person, some effort, and some time, you can get past whatever issues they have. After that, it could be the best relationship of your life.

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Eva Jackson