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People Who Stay Single & Like It Have Psychologically Healthy Personalities


Personality is not something that is consistent. Our personalities change according to our experiences and life choices. Therefore, there is a big difference between single people and taken ones. Most importantly, that difference is even bigger when it comes to people who consciously choose to stay single and are happy with their decision. Let’s look at their personality profile.

They Are More Optimistic

One study including more than 10,000 Australian women discovered that women who were single almost their whole life and don’t have children were far more optimistic and positive than the married ones.

They Experience More Growth on A Personal Level

A study of mid-life adults in the U.S. looked into the lives of single and married people in a period of 5 years. The scientists found that lifelong single people agreed more to statements like, “In my experience, life has been a continuous process of self-growth, change, and learning.”

They Are More Self-Determined and Independent

The previous study also found that those people who remained single were more independent and self-determined. They agreed more with statements like, “I do what I think is best for me, not caring about people’s opinion.” 

They Value Their Freedom More

One survey of more than 200,000 people proved that people who consciously chose to stay single were valuing their freedom more than married people.

They Have A Can-Do Attitude – A Feeling That They Can Achieve Anything They Set Their Mind To

People who are single at heart and are enjoying their singlehood have an immense sense of self-mastery than others.

They Are More Self-Sufficient

They like to solve their problems on their own and they don’t expect help from anyone. They are extremely self-sufficient which is not always true for married people.

They Are More Open – Minded

They are more imaginative, creative, original, and insatiably curious.

They Are Less Neurotic

They are less likely to be moody, tense, or anxious.

They Are More Agreeable

They tend to be more kind, trusting, and considerate.

They Are More Conscientious

They are more thorough, reliable, and organized.

They Are Not Sensitive to Rejection

They neither expect to be rejected nor are they worried about what will happen if they got rejected.

They Don’t Get Hurt Easily

They are more emotionally stable and in control of their feelings, therefore they don’t let themselves get hurt easily.

They Are Not Needy

They don’t have a need to have someone in order to be fulfilled and happy. They are perfectly happy and fulfilled with their single life.

Their Sense of Self Doesn’t Depend on Whether They Are In A Relationship

They don’t feel as if they need a relationship to feel more loved, confident, and secure. They are those things already.

Mary Wright