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Why More And More Women Are Happier Being Single


Have you ever noticed that almost all articles that talk about single people only use women as an example? I believe this is because singlehood is something that is thought to be a problem for women, and not for men.

Happiness and single life are supposed to go hand in hand for me. Women, on the other hand, are believed to have a problem being single because they are yearning to get married, have kids, and form a family.

These stereotypes still exist today even in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.

Here’s how young single women challenged the stereotypes.

In a recent survey of 1,036 single adults, it was the women who said that their single life helps them dedicate themselves to work more. Moreover, they said that by being single they are meeting new friends and learning new things.

More than 70% of those interviewed answered that they are staying single by choice so that they could work on themselves and focus on other things that are important to them.

And what are the other things?

More women than men said that the reason they stay single is that they want to focus on their studies and get their degree first.

Also, women were those who said that they are staying single because they want to focus on themselves and get their life in order before jumping in a relationship.

In many ways, it was women who said that they are single because they want to enjoy their freedom and the joy of being single while they are young.

How being single is making them feel…

When they were asked how being single is making them feel, women more than men said that being single makes them feel empowered.

It was also the women more than the men who said they worried about losing their freedom, their sense of self, and their independence when they were asked what they fear when it comes to committing to someone.

They were also more concerned about making a wrong decision and marrying someone who is not a good match for them.

Also, both women and men favored single people more than committed people when the following 4 statements were presented to them.  

  • Single people are more open to new experiences than people in relationships.
  • Single people are more fun to hang out with than people in relationships.
  • I’m more likely to say yes to new experiences when I’m single vs. in a relationship.
  • I am a more fun person when I am single than when I am in a relationship.

There you go. I think it’s finally time to update our knowledge about single women and see them as who they are – truly empowering, independent, and brave women. Able to take on the world!

Mary Wright