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7 Reasons Why Every Strong Woman Chooses To Stay Single Until The Right Man Comes Along


A strong woman is not afraid to be single. She loves her life and she enjoys every moment of it. She is an independent woman who takes good care of herself and vigorously follows her dreams and passions.

That’s why this woman chooses to be single until the right person comes along instead of wasting her time being in a toxic relationship that doesn’t fulfill her.

1. She Is A Complete Person

One of the amazing characteristics that every strong woman possesses is that she is a complete woman who can function perfectly well without having a man by her side. This woman is a complete individual, with or without a man. She is someone who goes through life confidently and achieves her goals. She doesn’t need a man to guide her. She knows her path.

2. She Knows What She Wants

Some think that this woman is too picky when it comes to choosing her partners. But the truth is that she knows what she wants, she has set standards for herself, she has deal breakers and she doesn’t want to lower them or change them for just anyone.

3. She Is In Love With Her Single Life

When people see a woman who’s been single for a long time, they immediately think that she has no other choice. But the truth is, a strong woman like her loves her single life and it’s her choice to be single. Being single doesn’t mean that she is lonely or empty. On the contrary, her life is filled with amazing activities because she has chosen to work on herself and do the thing she loves before she finds the right person for her.

4. She Knows Her Worth

A woman who consciously decides to stay single until she meets the right person for her is a woman who knows her worth and doesn’t tolerate anyone who treats her with disrespect. She knows perfectly well her capabilities and the last thing she wants is someone to make her feel like she is not enough and hold her back.

5. She Won’t Settle For Less

Bearing in mind all the great qualities that this woman has, it’s no wonder that she won’t settle for less than she deserves. She doesn’t want to be with someone who is “enough” or “okay.” She wants the whole package. She wants an equal partner who will love her and treat her right. Someone with whom she can walk through life hand by hand.

6. She’s Been Through A Lot

Many women have chosen to stay single until they meet the right guy because they have been through a lot in their life. They’ve been hurt many times and that’s why these women are now extremely careful when allowing someone in their life and near their heart.

7. She Is Busy Building Her Own Empire

When this woman sets her mind on something she doesn’t stop until she makes it happen. Whether it’s getting a promotion, a college degree, starting her own business… She. Will. Do. It. She is always busy with achieving a dream of hers that she doesn’t have time to waste on someone who is not worthy of her love and affection. 

Mary Wright