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I Finally Understood That Not Everyone You Cross Your Paths With Is Meant To Stay In Your Life Forever

not everyone who comes in your life will stay forever

I am an emotional human being. That might make me a codependent person, but that’s fine. I would never hide the fact that the people I consider the closest, are basically the air I breathe. They are the sun that keeps me alive. The morning rain that helps me grow.

Anyone who knows me, or everyone who ever read some of my words, would know that my relationships mean the world to me.

Being able to confide in another human being, feeling free to undress my soul before another person, seeking a shelter in another person’s heart are truly the main purposes of my existence.

Unfortunately, being an emotional human being in a world that only cares about profit and pleasure, is a high price to pay.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always believed in the good in people. I don’t know if I am a naive fool who wants to experience true love or just a hopeful optimist who genuinely believes that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, but yeah.

I am the person you would probably mock for being oversensitive.

But, with life is what it is. Its unpredictability cannot be foreseen.

Therefore, rejection, loss, and betrayal are not unknown terms for me.

Six months ago, I parted ways with a person who I thought was my friend. I lost her. We had this amazing bond, an inexplicable connection that I believed only the two of us shared. I was wrong. She may have been that important person in my life, but it seems that I wasn’t the one for her.

Two years ago, I ended a 5-year relationship with my boyfriend. You can only imagine the devastation and utter confusion after breaking up with a person you’ve practically known your whole life.

Believe me, I did everything I could to save those relationships from going down the gutter. My heart ached, my hands shook, and my body trembled. But, you know how it goes.

It takes two to tango.

The unsettling truth is that you cannot force someone to fight for you when all they want to do is give up and move forward. It took me a long time to understand this. You cannot beg someone to love you when there’s nothing left there. You cannot make someone like you if they don’t.

And, you know what else?

You should never have to fight for anyone to show their love for you.

You should never forget your worth.

Life is pretty unfair, and as a person with a vulnerable heart, I must say that’s a fact I learned in the worst way possible. I was challenged to face everything I feared in life.

But, hey. I survived.

And luckily, I learned the most valuable lesson there is.

Not everyone who comes in your life will stay forever. 

Each and every person who comes into our life has a different purpose. Some of them are meant to teach us something we weren’t aware of, some are here to change our world from its core, some are meant to enrich our experience and give us answers to every question, and some are there to disappoint us and make us even stronger than we once were.

But, don’t worry. The people who truly care about you, the ones who’d literally do everything in their power to protect you and keep you close to them, will stay there.

The ones who are meant to show up will always show up.

Everything else that feels like a too much of an effort probably is.

Because you simply cannot make someone be there for you when the only thing they want to do is leave. You cannot force someone to feel the same things that you do.

In fact, if you have to force anything at all, you should definitely let those things go.

Realizing this may hurt like hell, but it is way better to accept the bitter truth than to spend your life being stuck in a vicious cycle of lies.

Stephanie Reeds