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She Wanted To Stay But You Made Her Walk Away


You were her all. She loved you unconditionally and fought for you with every part of her. She only had eyes for you and gave you everything she had.

But, how could you not realize that?

She tried to meet your expectations and be the girl you wanted her to be.

She knew she wasn’t perfect, but she tried hard to be perfect just for you. She wanted to hear from you that she was beautiful to you with all her imperfections and quirks.

But, out of all things, she wanted to be with you the most.

You were the one who made her eyes beam with happiness. The one who made her body tremble at your touch. The one who made her heart skip a beat when you looked at her. The one who had the key to her heart.

She wanted the best for you. She wanted to make you happy. She made your feelings, needs, and desires her top priority.

She loved you with every part of herself. She committed her soul, mind, and body solely to you, and wore her heart on her sleeve.

She knew all your flaws, but she accepted and cherished them.

She accepted you for who you were, with all your faults, quirks, insecurities, fears, and problems. She never tried to change you because to her you were perfect just the way you were.

And what did you do?

You took her for granted. You never returned her feelings. You took her heart, tossed it, and left her to pick up the pieces by herself.

You made her believe she was not good enough for you. You made her believe that you didn’t need her and that you were better off without her.

You made her feel miserable.

You deserved her hatred, but she couldn’t bring herself to hate you.

You lied to her, made her feel unworthy, and hurt her feelings many times. You never bothered to ask her how she felt or how her day went. It was all about you. Always about you. As long as your needs were satisfied, nothing else mattered. 

She should’ve hated you because you were selfish and dishonest.

You were selfish because you kept her in your life so that you could feel satisfied with yourself.  You kept her by your side because she boosted your ego. Because you knew she was way better than you.

You had the courage to lie to her, right into her face, that you loved her. But, that was just a lie. Because if you had loved her, you would’ve paid attention to her. You would’ve heard her calling your name a thousand times. You would’ve felt her pain when you laid down next to her.

You stepped on the love of the woman who had given you years of her life. The woman who was ready to go through all storms just to be with you.

She stuck around, not because she had to, but because she loved you and believed that somehow, one day you’d wake up and be the man she fell in love with so long ago.

For months, she would wake up hoping that things would be different. That today would be the day you brought back everything she was missing.

But, you ignored her tears. If only you had just taken the time to listen to her cries, you wouldn’t be so hurt and lonely now.

Her patience had limits after all. She realized you didn’t love her because you don’t destroy the person you love. Because when you love someone, you fight with every fiber of your being to protect what you have. You tolerate things you personally don’t find enjoyable. You make compromises for the sake of the relationship.

Because when you truly love someone, you don’t tear their heart apart and then tell them to love. You don’t ruin their hopes and then tell them to be strong and believe. You don’t just leave when times get tough. You don’t give up without a fight.

She realized there was no use fighting for someone who has given up on her  long time ago. She realized there was no point in fighting for someone who pushed her away so easily.

She realized that sometimes you need to let go of someone so that you can get back on the right track and rediscover yourself.

But, I want you to know that she didn’t leave because she was fickle, selfish, and weak. She left because she could not longer put up with the way you treated her. Because she could no longer endure being your second option, your favorite pastime. Because she was tired of your manipulation and devious mind games.

She left because she had been strong and resilient for too long. Because she was tired of giving you everything and not getting anything in return. Because she could no longer smile while her soul was crying. Because she exhausted herself trying to make you happy. She was tired of trying to open your eyes so that you could see how much she loved and appreciated you.

She left because you gave her no reason to stay.

And you know what? One day you’re going to wake up and realize that you should have listened to and been there for her more. You’ll become aware of all those times you made her cry and shattered her hopes, and you’ll be sorry for it.

And one day, when another man takes your place in her heart, you’ll regret allowing yourself to lose the woman who was one of a kind. The woman who had a unique heart and loved in ways that no words can describe. You’ll regret not giving her the love and respect she deserved. You’ll regret not appreciating her when you had the chance.

You’ll realize that you had something special. You had something real and beautiful. Something that people spend a lifetime waiting for. But, this was never enough for you. She was never good enough for you. You always thought you deserved more. And now, look at you – you have nothing.

She was a keeper, but you failed to realize that. And now, it’s too late. You can’t bring her back.

She wanted to stay, but you made her walk away.

Riley Cooper