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Anyone Can Say They Love You, But Not Everyone Can Prove It

Anyone Can Say They Love You, But Not Everyone Can Prove It

True love is hard to find, I agree. In a world where most people cheat in order to get what they want and hardly give a damn about other people’s feelings, it is really rare to come across someone who knows what they truly need in life and is not afraid to go for it.

Rare are those who know what true love really means. And rare are those who are mature enough to not only say how they really feel but also prove it…

Anyone can tell you they love you, but only the real ones will do whatever it takes to make you certain of it.

Here are 7 signs that you are finally in a mature relationship:

1. Everything feels simple and easy. People say relationships require hard work, patience, tolerance and understanding. And that’s true. But when you finally find someone who understands the meaning of love, all of this comes easy. You no longer need to force something or fight to make it work, because it is already working.

2. You are completely comfortable with being apart. You enjoy spending time together, but then again you also feel fine when you are alone. Being on your own for a few hours or days doesn’t make you needy. You do think about it each other, but it’s not like you couldn’t survive without one another. Both of you are aware of your feelings for each other. That’s what makes you completely comfortable when you are apart.

3.You are honest with each other. You can say anything to each other’s faces and not get mad. That is how close you and your partner are. That’s how intimate your relationship is. You trust this person and they trust you completely. The opinions you have for one another are the most important ones.

4.You don’t feel the need to change your partner. You love them exactly for who they are. They might be imperfect and they might have a lot of flaws, but they are yours. They are the person that you were always meant to end up with. The light of your life. The greatest love that you’ve ever experienced.

5.You can absolutely imagine a future with them. In fact, you are already making plans about your life together, because you’re both on the same page about it. You want to spend the rest of your lives going to bed together and waking up next to each other. There is nowhere else you’d rather be than in each other’s arms.

6. There is no jealousy between you. There is no need for it because you trust each other completely. Of course you have your disagreements, what couple doesn’t? The thing that makes your relationship special is the fact that you are always there to work it out, talk all the issues through and finally come to an understanding.

7. You value your actions more than your words. Saying I love you is not as important as proving it. That is something that the both of you chose to live by. It is not that you avoid expressing affection through words. It’s just that both of you know that actions are always much more valuable than words. What you do and what you choose to keep on doing every single day says everything about you.

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Stephanie Reeds