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8 Things You Should Always Keep Private In Life


As humans, we go through life with perplexing and troubling thoughts, so having a person to whom we can confide and let our soul out, can sometimes be very soothing.

However, there are things in life that are better to keep private.

How Can You Keep Your Life Private?

The best things that happen to us usually don’t make it to social media. So why give so much importance to it? Why lose so much energy posting and chatting and scrolling? Why be an open book with everyone?

There are so many layers to us, so many layers hidden, muffed, covered by other layers… how can you be sure that others are not just showing you a version of themselves that would portray them in the best light possible?

Meanwhile, you blindly trust everyone around you, you uncover every bit of yourself, becoming more and more vulnerable to the point where it has started to affect you.

You become defensive, alert. You start caring what others will say about you, how others see you, and just like that, you lose control of your goals and priorities. You lose your careless joy and happiness, you start living in a cramp. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you should isolate yourself in a world far away from people and become reclusive and detached, rather just draw a certain line around you that should not be crossed and should be guarded by any means necessary.

You see, no matter how kind can people be, they are unpredictable as the wind. And no matter how big our people circle is, in the end, we all are on our own. So that’s why we should strive to take care of ourselves.

Some of our deepest secrets and desires, as well as actions, should not be shared with the rest of the world. With no one, if you ask me. It’s the only thing we have as a memento of our being and it should reside deeply inside our souls.

Oversharing is not essential for bonding, on the contrary, it can only make a mess. 

The more you talk about your problems, the bigger they become. What you are doing is just shifting focus onto important things that are going on with you and you expose the most private details of your life to negative energies and envious people.

When your self-esteem is well-guarded and protected, there’s abundance in every sphere. You can better assess your needs and you can better understand what you want to focus on next. When you are picky about the things that you share with other people, there just isn’t room for insecurity, desperation, and the need to show your worth.

You are then, able to stop engaging in gossip because it no longer serves a purpose.

A Private Life Is A Happy Life  

private things in life

Once you realize that not everyone can sit at your table, the relationships you build with people begin to change drastically. You realize that you are your own priority, not other people.

You realize you don’t have to prove anything to anyone other than YOURSELF.

Be very protective of who you are dating, your family, your friends. Social media has proposed that availability and transparency are necessary for both social and professional success, imminently pushing the emotional, the personal aside. Everyone sees things through their own lenses. Precisely because of that, you should protect your privacy and prevent people from guessing and making assumptions.

You know what they say about privacy, right?

Privacy Is power.

Privacy is power in the sense that what people don’t know, what they don’t have access to, they can’t spoil, and I agree.

There is a certain act of self-betrayal when you are over-engaging – your perceptions, your emotions are your reality, they are inherently yours, and over-sharing them may help people build the wrong image of you by potentially misunderstanding your words or reactions.

The older you get, the more you will value your privacy because you will understand that being too chatty, too outspoken, too active on social platforms will just feed the gossip about you.

You’ll start to care what others think of you, and that’s the death of a soul.

Living a private life doesn’t mean that you never let anyone in, it only means being choosy about who you let in. It means saving your energy for what really matters and be laser-focused on your goals. Without destructions or interruptions. Without being surrounded or drained by shallow connections and pointless conversations.

I used to be one of those people that shared everything with anyone who was willing to listen. Everyone knew my story, my kind of drama, and I realized I’ve started to make excuses, to justify myself in front of others… others I wasn’t even that close with! It hit me like a sledgehammer.

I felt inadequate. Lonelier than ever. Imagine being lonely in a crowded room. Not the very best of feelings, right?

Gossip feels like connecting… but only for a moment. So why do it? You can save the very best of you for someone who would really deserve it.

Keep yourself selfishly from the eyes of the world. As you grow older, you’ll realize it’s the only thing that will keep your reservoirs full. You’ll be happy and thriving because your focus will be narrower, yet channeled, directed, unyielding, unbothered.

There is a fine line between being unapproachable and overly friendly, so to keep the perfect balance.

Here Are 8 Things You Should Keep Private In Life:


Whatever you go through in a relationship, it should be resolved between you and your partner solely. Sharing bits of your daily life on certain occasions is okay, but don’t take the wrong way and start complaining about your partner to other people.

Everything you have to say to them, just say it in their face. There’s no reason why other people should know the intimate part of your relationship. Keep it private.


If you’ve done something honorable and kind, you don’t have to brag about it. Telling a few people is fine, but you don’t have to tell the whole world. Being humble instead of a tattletale is a rare virtue. You don’t need recognition from everyone.


Sharing a certain life event with your friends is nice, but you shouldn’t share every health problem or issue from your personal life. What is happening in your life is only your concern and nobody else’s.

Talk only about the things you are comfortable with, but do make boundaries. Don’t let people get inside your private space.


Your finances are something that affects only you. Keep your financial balance privately and avoid greedy and envious comments from people who can’t hide their jealousy inside them. What goes inside your wallet is nobody’s business but yours.


Despite being awkward, sharing family problems is also inconsiderate to your family. Your friends, no matter how close they seem to be, shouldn’t know everything that’s going on behind closed doors.

We all have our own madness and point of view which make us different from one another. Revealing too much can sometimes create a certain unwanted image and it can create much more trouble than you can imagine.


The reason why it’s better for you to keep these things to yourself is that talking about your belongings can be easily turned into bragging about the things you own.

And while you show off what you possess, that guy behind you could be struggling to make ends meet. Always choose to stay modest. It is a virtue that will never go out of style.


One of the most important things you should be careful about.  Carefully judge to whom you can confide about your biggest weaknesses and troubles in your life. Not everyone who presents themselves as a kind and honest person turns out to actually be one.


The same goes for your most desired goals in life. Have you ever felt that the more you share a certain goal with people, the less motivated you become to actually reach it? I certainly have. I’ve felt that the moment my secret is out there, there’s this daunting pressure around me.

First and foremost, learn to concentrate on yourself and the things you like to achieve. And then, when the job is done, decide with whom you’re going to share that information. But, whatever you choose to do, keep the juicy and intimate bits to yourself.

What areas of life do you think people should be private about? Share in the comments down below!

Stephanie Reeds


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