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Fall In Love With A Person Who Will Know How To Take Care Of Your Soul


Hey you,

Yes, you. The one who is wiping their tears and looking for signs while scrolling through their Facebook feed. Listen to me. Don’t waste your tears on people who are not worth it. Don’t give your soul away to greedy, emotional freeloaders thinking that they would give you something in return. Learn to protect yourself. Learn to love yourself.

This life is too short and too precious to spend it on people and things that suck the happiness out of you.

Don’t let their fake promises trick you. Don’t fall in love with people who don’t appreciate having you by their side.  Don’t undervalue yourself. Just DON’T do it.

Instead, fall for someone who will never give up on you. A type of person who will not only be there for you but will also see a future with you. Someone who will build their life around you. Someone who will be thrilled to spend the rest of their journey alongside you.

Fall in love with someone who will never ever stop fighting for you. A special someone who will protect your relationship from anyone or anything that might do any harm to it. Someone who will not be afraid to face the obstacles along the way as long as you are right there beside them.

Fall in love with someone who will not try to change you. A special someone who will not only accept you for who you are but will also adore your imperfections, caress your tortured soul and help you carry your emotional baggage. A person who will make you feel comfortable inside your own skin.

Fall in love with someone who will make you stop wondering if you are good enough. Someone who will have the answer to all of those painful questions that have been making you miserable for years. A person who will calm your insecurities, hug your fears and let you know that you are not alone in this world. Someone who will offer their heart as a shelter to you.

Fall in love with someone who will never let you go to bed upset. A person who won’t give up on the life that you two have built together after one stupid fight. Someone who won’t make you believe that love is supposed to be hard, but instead won’t stop loving you even when you are at your worst.

Most importantly, fall in love with someone who will prove to you that true love exists. A person who will commit to you and express his love for you in emotions you’ve never ever felt before. Someone who will bring your hopes back and let you know that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

For anything less than true, passionate, mad and all-consuming love is simply not worth it. In life, there are plenty of things that are mediocre. Love should never be one of them.  

Stephanie Reeds