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Life Is Short – Never Settle For Someone Who Treats You Like An Option!


If there’s anything I resent the most, that’s mixed signals.

I can’t stand inconsistency. And I would never let myself accept that kind of behavior and engage in a relationship with a selfish, inconsiderate, and unpredictable person.

I don’t want a person who won’t bother to answer my text because he had some other things to do. Are you kidding me? A simple text message will take at last 2 minutes out of your life. If you can’t bother to make time for me in your life, I’m done.

I don’t need someone who will feed my brain with fake promises, impossible fairytales, and sweet, convenient lies. I don’t want to be with someone who will schedule a date with me just, so he could cancel it and bail on me in the last minute.

No, I don’t need excuses!

I’m perfectly aware that it is the easier way to get out of a mess. Because, everyone can come up with an excuse, but it takes a real man to promise something and actually stick to his words.

I don’t want to fall asleep wondering whether tomorrow you’ll be in the mood for talking or you’ll just leave me hanging.

I don’t want to wake up hoping that today is finally the day when you’ll actually pay attention to me and ask me to go out after a whole week of childish games.

I don’t want to have nightmares about where my life is going.

 I want to know exactly where I am.

I should fall asleep thinking about how happy we are to have each other. And I should wake up knowing that you are always there for me. I should open my eyes knowing that you are the kindest and purest person alive who always treats me right.

Can’t you understand?

I will never say yes to your selfish tricks and highly manipulative games. You’ll never have it your way with me. Because I search for something truly profound. A spiritual, and rare connection. The kind of thing that happens once in a lifetime.

I’m not interested in guessing or deciphering what your feelings are. And I have no energy or time left to waste on begging for you to notice me. I just can’t let myself be in a situation where I have no idea what your next reaction is going to be.

I simply won’t let you control my life.

I won’t be with someone who only thinks of me as an option.

I want a person who’ll make sure he’s always there for me. Someone who will undress his soul and lay his heart in front of me. Someone who will treat me the way I deserve and SHOW UP. Someone who wouldn’t want to spend a day without me.

I want a man who will be honest with me. Even when the truth is ugly. I want a person who won’t be afraid to have deep and mind-stimulating conversations about everything, and not just when it’s convenient for them. But also, when they have to get out of their way to reach out to me.

So, believe me when I say that I would never settle for anything less than real love.

Unpredictability is not fun. Inconsistency is plain rude. I won’t be the one who waits for you to show up when you feel like it. I won’t be the one you’ll leave hanging until forever. I won’t be the one who depends on your sweet, sugary words. I just won’t be the one who’ll believe in your stupid, childish games.

I won’t pretend to be in a relationship. I will find true love, even if it means being alone for a long period of time.

And no, I’m not crazy and I’m not delusional. I only want what I truly deserve.

Someone who will respect me and love me till the end of time.

Stephanie Reeds