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6 Things That Most Men Secretly Find Attractive About Women


In our world, trends change quickly and drastically. The standards of beauty have been radically different for separate cultures all over the world and at different time periods. Because of that, the idea of what makes a woman beautiful is constantly shifting.

Despite this constant change, what men actually like about women tends to stay the same, even if they don’t talk about it. Here are 6 things that most men secretly find attractive about women.

1. Symmetrical Features

For thousands of years, across thousands of different cultures, symmetrical physical features were thought to be the most beautiful. Even the Ancient Egyptians thought so too. In most cases, men will become instantly enthralled with a woman who has a symmetrical face. However, it’s rare to find this attribute in someone. So, most women use makeup or change their hairstyle to achieve this look.

2. Plump Lips

A woman’s lips are often irresistible to men. Some guys even think that lips are the most attractive part of any woman. This is especially true when they appear plump and soft since it will make them look more kissable.

3. The Color Red

Red has long been renowned as the color of seduction, passion, love, and attraction. When a woman wears a red dress or red lipstick, men are more naturally awestruck by her. As well as that, a study from the University of Rochester found that a man will choose a woman in red over any other color.

4. Enchanting Eyes

When you see someone for the first time, what’s the first thing that you notice about them? In most cases, it’s probably their eyes that draw you in. The same can be said for men too. Their first impression of a woman is always their eyes. So, eyes that are captivating and warm are usually seen as highly appealing by men.

5. Higher Tone of Voice

The way that someone speaks can drastically change how people view them. Most women unknowingly make their voice deeper and slower when they’re speaking to a man that they’re interested in. However, that may not be the kind of tone that men are captivated by. As it turns out, most men actually find a higher, lighter tone of voice much more attractive.

6. An Hourglass Figure

Although many women think that they need to be skinny in order for men to find them sexy, that’s not actually the case. On the contrary, men don’t care whether you’re a size 2 or a 14. What they do care about, however, is a woman’s proportions. Men are evolutionarily predisposed to like women with an hourglass figure because it’s perceived to be related to reproduction. In addition to that, big hips are generally what attract men the most.

While these 6 things may be attractive to most men, we can’t say that that’s true for all of them. Everyone has their own idea of what’s beautiful and of who they want to be with. So, even if you don’t fit these descriptions, you don’t need to worry. There’s a man out there who will love every bit of you just as it is.

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Eva Jackson