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6 Harsh Truths You Need To Hear If You Want To Grow


In some cases, it might really be true that older cultures understood the world far better than we do. Although they may have wrongly believed that the Earth is flat, they did know quite a lot about what it meant to live. Ancient cultures and religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism taught people the hard facts of life and how they can use them to grow.

Somewhere along the line, however, we seem to have forgotten what they taught us. That’s why I’m going to remind you of these 6 harsh truths you need to hear if you want to grow.

1. You Need To See Reality As It Is

There’s no use of forming your own ideas of the world, then being blind to what’s really going on. Although it’s important to have your own opinions, it’s more important to be realistic. By seeing the world as it really is and not putting any filters over it, you’re creating a basis of happiness for yourself. From there, you can build on what you already know to create the life that you want.

2. Change is Inevitable

One of the main laws of our universe is that nothing is ever standing still. Planets move, stars die, and time keeps on going without ever stopping. In our everyday lives, things change too. We can lose friends, change careers, or have something terrible happen to us that we never expected. If you can’t accept that, you’re going to become overwhelmed and frustrated very quickly.

3. Worrying Does Nothing

Worry is simply a state of mind. It exists only in your head and does absolutely nothing to change or influence reality. When you allow yourself to stress over past or future problems, you force yourself to experience that difficult situation twice. So, it’s crucial that you learn how to live in the present and focus on what’s really happening right now.

4. Meditation is the Key to Being Content

Some people believe that meditation just isn’t for them. However, that’s normally because they have a very rigged and false idea of what that ancient practice actually is. Contrary to popular belief, there are many different ways that you can meditate. Although you might not understand it now, if you try it, you’ll soon find out what it has to offer you. It will bring peace and serenity to even the most hectic of lives.

5. Anger Will Always Harm You

Some emotions bring harmony and serenity. Others, such as anger, bring destruction and chaos. Rage does absolutely nothing positive for anyone. Instead, it causes stress and anxiety for the bearer of it. Along with that, if you hold onto anger for too long, you’ll eventually become emotionally exhausted. In any situation, it’s much better for you if you let go of anger and hate.

6. Temporary Joy Will Cause You Suffering

As humans, we crave whatever we think will bring us happiness. The fastest way to receive a moment of pleasure is through external means – buying something or looking for validation from others. Although that can be rewarding, that feeling of joy quickly fades and you’re left wanting something bigger and better. The path to real happiness means doing things that will benefit you in the long run as well as creating your own joy.

Our time on this Earth is limited. That’s why it’s so important that we use our time here wisely. We need to use it to learn, to grow, and to make the most out of life that we possibly can. The only real way to achieve that is by understanding these truths of life, no matter how harsh they may seem.

Everyone needs to be reminded of these 6 things so that they can go on to lead the best life that they can. Share this article with your friends and family to help enlighten them.

Eva Jackson