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Next Year, Stop Giving Your Love To People Who Don’t Deserve It


We’ve officially entered and already halved the last month of this year. The holiday cheer and the new year’s joy is everywhere around us. People are busy buying presents, surprising their loved ones, reviewing their year and writing down their resolutions for the next year.

And while most of us wonder what their next year resolutions should be, I say…

In 2022, let go of everyone and everything that doesn’t help you evolve.

It will probably be one of the hardest decisions you’ve ever made, but trust me, it will be worth it.

Stop giving your love to all the wrong people. Stop wasting your energy on things that are not worth your attention. Stop showing up for people who won’t bother to factor you into their life. Stop prioritizing things that don’t bring you happiness. Stop putting your faith in just about everyone. Stop denying yourself the right to feel true love.

I know that the only thing you genuinely desire is to be surrounded by dear people who truly care for you. But, giving your energy, sanity, time and soul to everyone is not the right way to do it.

You may own a pure, loving heart, but the sad truth is… Not everyone out there will recognize that light inside of you. Not everyone will be capable or willing to meet the real you. It is a sad story my dear, but it is the truth.

You are not made to please everyone, nor everyone is made to please you.

The more you put yourself out there, where everyone can reach and take a piece of you, the more you deny yourself the love you desperately crave.

The more you let others treat you as a victim, the more you condemn yourself to a life of pain and misery.

The longer you accept being the person who always carries the weight of the world, the longer you suffer.

I can sense your doubts.

If you stop calling them, they might disappear. If you stop texting them, they might never ask for you again. If you stop showing up for them, they might even forget you. If you stop loving them, everything you’ve build might come crashing down.

It sounds scary, I give you that. But, think about it.

If all of this has the power to destroy a relationship, that clearly means that the only person who ever kept that bond alive was you. And you know how it goes. It always takes two to tango.

You cannot possibly force someone to love you by putting all of your energy into convincing them. You cannot possibly sacrifice your wellbeing for someone who doesn’t really care about it.

If it’s only your energy that is sustaining the relationship, then that my darling, isn’t love.

Your energy is the most valuable thing that you have in your life. Once you realize that you’re recklessly wasting it, that’s when you’ll be strong enough to accept that your time on earth is not limited- it is your energy that is.

Once you learn this truth, you’ll begin to realize that the most important person in your life is you. You’ll understand why you sometimes feel the way you do. And you’ll finally become aware who deserves a place inside your world and who doesn’t even deserve your attention.

You are not responsible for saving others. It’s not yours to fix them.

The only responsibility you have is to realize that it is you and your actions that are stopping you from truly living your life. You are the only creator of your future, the only master of your faith, the only person who is responsible for everything that is happening to you.

You deserve more than you think. And the way I see it, we are all just one hard decision away from having a different life.

So, say goodbye to this year, forgive yourself for every mistake you’ve made, and welcome the next year by devoting yourself to your own well-being. 

Stephanie Reeds