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A Simple List Of Things That Every Man Could Do To Change Our Culture & Work Ethic


Nowadays, there is a lot of awareness about how women deserve to be treated in the workplace. However, it seems that women are still not equal in comparison to men. They are less paid for the same position, their thoughts and abilities are being undervalued, and in some countries, there is still a fear that they could lose their job after they take maternity leave.

So, gentlemen, if you want to support women and treat them as they deserve, here’s a simple list of things that you can do that can have a great impact on today’s society and culture.

1. Never mansplain a woman.

2. If you are invited to participate in a team where there are only men – refuse to take the spot.

3. Don’t refer to women as being ‘emotional’ or ‘crazy’.

4. Talk to the “weird” colleague at work.

5. When you hear another man talk over a woman, address the issue and say to him, “Hey, she was talking.”

6. Don’t use the word ‘feminism’ just to gain women’s trust. Show with your actions that you support them.

7. Never touch a woman you don’t know. And if you have a need to do so, ask yourself why.

8. Never send pictures of your intimate body parts to a woman unless you both want it.

9. If you feel that a woman owes you something, you are wrong. Even if you think about basic respect, first ask yourself whether you have given it to her.

10. If she says ‘no’ to going out with you or having sex with you – leave her alone.

11. If you do the right thing, don’t feel like you should get payment, praise, or a pat on the back from a woman. She is not obliged to congratulate you for being baseline decent.

12. Never make misogynistic comments or jokes.

13. Don’t assume things about a woman based on the way she dresses.

14. If you are an owner, pay women the same amount as you pay men.

15. Don’t get defensive when a woman calls you out on your shit.

16. Don’t punish a woman if she witnesses your vulnerable side.

17. Don’t think you have power over women.

18. Instead, use your “power” to stand with women and protect them, especially through talking with other men.

19. If a woman tells you that a man is being abusive to her, believe her.

20. If a woman’s hurt makes you feel hurt, don’t feel as if your pain is more important than hers.

And finally, don’t read any of this and think that these things don’t apply to you!

Mary Wright