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11 Qualities That Prove You Are An Exquisite And Powerful Woman Who Shines Brighter Than The Rest


The concept of being a strong and powerful woman is standing out in today’s society with many and many women identifying themselves as one or striving to become stronger and more resilient.

And then, there are women who are already strong, powerful, and exquisite. These women can handle anything life throws at them with class and dignity. They are always calm, cool, and collected. They hold their head high because they know their worth.

These women stand out from the crowd and shine brighter than the rest because they have these 11 amazing qualities. If you have these characteristics as well, then you should be really proud of yourself for being the woman that you are.

1. You Forgive, Even When It’s Difficult to Do So

Forgiveness is not always easy. It takes a lot of strength and willpower to forgive those who hurt us and leave it all behind. But you know that everyone makes mistakes and rather than holding grudges you decide to remove the negativity from your life by forgiving everyone who has wronged you.

2. You Are Well Aware of Who You Are and What You Want in Life

You don’t feel the need to expose yourself and fake who you are, acting like you are someone you are not. Instead, you are well aware of who you are, what your qualities are, and you accepted them as a part of you. Most importantly, you know what you want, and you don’t settle for less than you deserve.

3. You Always Remain Positive Even During Hard Times

We all have struggles and challenges. But the thing that makes you different from others is your ability to keep your positive outlook during times of pain and hardships. You remain optimistic and positive regardless of the situation and that’s a rare quality to find in someone.

4. You Share Your Vulnerable Side Only with Those You Trust

You don’t trust easily. Instead, you reserve your trust only for those who are worthy of it. Those that are there for you and want the best for you. You save your most vulnerable and fragile side of you for these people because they are your people.

5. You Make Compromises

It’s not that you are compromising all the time. It’s that you know that there are times in life when you need to compromise for the good of everyone or for maintaining a healthy and close relationship with your family, friends, and significant other.

6. You Don’t Worry Whether People Like You or Not

You know your worth, therefore you have no purpose of wasting your time by worrying what others think about you and whether they like you or not. Instead, you focus on yourself, on your dreams and aspirations and you follow them regardless of what anyone is thinking or saying.

7. You Go Out of Your Way to Lift Up the People in Your Life

Whether they are complete strangers or your closest friends and family, you always help them when they need it. Moreover, you are always there to cheer them up and lift them up back on their feet whenever they fall.  

8. You Are Honest and Open

Many people don’t have a problem with telling “white lies” here and there. Even more so, many people have accepted them as a way to avoid having difficult conversations. However, you understand how important honesty is, and being the one trait you value the most in others – you are very honest yourself and open about everything.

9. You Can’t Be Bothered with Wasting Your Time and Energy on Gossiping Hating Someone

Even though gossiping can sometimes be quite tempting, you stay away from it because you don’t want to waste your time and energy by spreading rumors and malicious comments about others. It’s just not your thing.

10. You Respect Those That Deserve It, But You Expect Respect in Return

You respect the people that are in your life and treat them in the right way. However, you expect the same thing from them. Otherwise, you won’t think twice before walking away from them.

11. You Don’t Allow People to See You Are in Pain

You are very emotionally intelligent which makes you aware that there are a time and place for everything and that not everything deserves your reaction. That’s why you never break down or burst out in public. You hold your composure and handle every situation in a classy and dignified manner.

Mary Wright