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A Strong Woman Doesn’t Beg, She Leaves The Moment She Feels Unwanted


I know that every woman has found herself in the following dating scenario with a man at some point in her life:

She’s met a guy. She liked him. It looked like he liked her too. They went on a date. Sparks were flying everywhere, and she was feeling more and more certain that she’s met the love of her life.

It was all beautiful until he realized that she’s fallen in love with him and was imagining a future together. Then, all of a sudden, he decided to leave the connection and disappear from the face of Earth.

She wondered what’s happened and was secretly hoping that he’ll come back and apologize. She was desperately clinging on the hope that he’ll realize what he’s lost because she didn’t want to face the horrible reality that he was not that into her in the first place.

Okay, maybe this is over the line, but you get the point. There are countless examples of situations when the moment you decide you love someone and let down your guard is the moment he decides to stop calling.

I get it. It’s normal to get angry and want to go to his house to tell him what an asshole he is and how stupid he is to let you go. Even though some may consider this action as an act of bravery and a fight for love, if you too are feeling this way then – for the love of God, please stop! Stop giving him attention and bombarding him with calls and text messages. You’ll only look like a crazy person in his eyes.

Don’t be a woman who can’t take a hint. Rather, be a woman who takes a hint and leaves the moment she feels undervalued.    

I am also guilty of wasting my time and feeling sad for someone who didn’t deserve all the love and affection I was giving him. Instead of pining over him, I should have traveled more and spent that time focusing on myself and meeting new people.

Because, when I think about it now – the red flags were there. And everything was screaming to run away from him. However, I refused to leave him. I stayed until HE left.

I forgot my value. I forgot my worth and everything I bring to the table. I am guilty of letting someone else have that much power over my life and my happiness. 

A quality woman knows her worth. She knows who she is and what her qualities are and she doesn’t wait around for anyone. She doesn’t allow anyone to string her along because she leaves the moment she senses confusion from her partner. 

She wants someone who is sure about her. She wants an equal partner. That’s why when she feels undervalued, disrespected, and taken for granted – she just walks away. 

So, dear fellow strong women, let’s all stop holding onto men who refuse to be held. Let’s stop banging our heads against a wall and driving ourselves crazy over men who are already leaving. Life’s too short and there are plenty of other fish in the sea for us to get stuck with guys who don’t value us.

Because quality women don’t beg. They leave the moment they feel unwanted.

Mary Wright