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Science Says That Redheads Have Genetic Superpowers


With only 1-2% of the population having red hair, you’d think that it would be something that people would be proud of. Despite that, a lot of redheads around the world are ashamed of their vibrant hair color. It’s sad to see them feel embarrassed about something so fantastic. While they may be self-conscious, these people should be proud of their uniqueness.

It’s not just their look that’s one-of-a-kind either. These people have so many more amazing traits than just their hair. In fact, science says that redheads have genetic superpowers.

Studying Their Powers

A groundbreaking study was carried out by the McGill University in Montreal to investigate the genetic differences that redheads have. They found that these people can handle 25% more pain than your average person can. Although that may sound like something out of a science fiction novel, it’s complete fact.

Their amazing abilities don’t stop there either. A separate study conducted by the University of Louisville found that redheads are more sensitive to changes in temperature. They can, quite literally, tell when winter is coming before anyone else can.

The Strongest Power of All

Along with a high tolerance for pain and temperature sensitivity, redheads also have one more trait which makes them so unique. This one differs slightly from the rest since it’s a power that helps them stay healthy and well. These amazing people actually produce more vitamin D than the average person.

It may seem like an unimportant ability, but vitamin D is essential for your health. It helps your body fight off the flu, fibromyalgia, MS, heart disease, depression, anxiety, and many other diseases too. As well as that, it can even aid weight loss.

Why Do They Have These Abilities?

Being a redhead isn’t the same as just having blonde or brown hair. Having natural, vibrant red hair is actually caused by a gene mutation called MC1R. This gene is related to a pigment called pheomelanin that makes people’s hair red.

According to experts, this gene is the cause for many of these people’s amazing abilities. It’s the reason that redheads can tolerate pain more effectively than others and the reason that they can feel the change of weather before anyone else can.

According to Erin La Rosa, author of The Big Redhead Book: Inside the Secret Society of Red, these people really are like something you’d see in an action movie. Their genetic makeup has made them superior in many ways. So, those with red hair are some of the luckiest people out there. For all of us with brown, blonde, or black hair, we can only wish that we had the astounding abilities that they do.

Being a redhead is about more than just hair. Because of their genes, they have real-life superpowers that most people could only dream of. Real superheroes don’t wear capes and spandex – they’re all around us, hidden in plain sight. While they may not have a mask to give them away, they have red hair instead.

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Eva Jackson