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Zodiac Signs Ranked By How Likely They Are To Snap And Kill Someone


Have you ever wondered if the person next to you could possibly lose it and kill you? Hopefully you haven’t wondered that since that’s not really something that most people would want to think about. However, whether the thought has occurred to you or not, some people are far more likely than others to go on a killing spree.

We all know that some zodiac signs are far more hot-headed and impulsive than others, and sometimes that can be dangerous. Here are the zodiac signs ranked by how likely they are to snap and kill someone.

12. Pisces

Heated situations of course make Pisces emotional, but definitely not emotional enough to kill someone. They’re more likely to mope and perhaps argue with someone. The only way that this sign could possibly kill you is with their harsh words.

11. Libra

This is a sign that’s known for being balanced, not for making impulsive decisions. They want to weigh the pros and cons of every action before they do it, and, of course, murder would be full of cons.

10. Cancer

Everyone knows Cancers as the most empathic and loving sign of all. Although they can get overly emotional, hurting someone just isn’t in the nature. It would only be possible for them to do something like that to someone who hurt a person they love. Even then, however, it’s almost definitely not going to happen.

9. Taurus

Taurus signs have a quite a temper. Despite that though, they’re unlikely to kill someone in a fit of rage. This is because if they’re going to do something, they’re going to try and do it as efficiently as possible. So, they’re far more likely to seek revenge instead.

8. Capricorn

The thing that a Capricorn is most proud of themselves for is their self-control. Snapping and killing someone doesn’t involve a lot of planning and preciseness, so they’re not going to allow it. On the off chance that they did completely lose it, they’d probably be pretty mad at themselves about it.

7. Virgo

It’s easy to think that since Virgos are very analytical that they’re unlikely to go on a killing spree. However, their calm demeanor hides a fierce temper. If someone pushes them far enough, they will fight back.

6. Leo

Leos are unpredictable and often very dramatic. They can easily get swept up in the moment and end up hurting someone. However, since they might like the attention, someone with this sign is much more likely to become a serial killer instead.

5. Aquarius

On the outside, people with this sign appear calm and collected. Stay around them for long enough, however, and you’ll see that there are multiple sides to them that they can switch between in a flash. To make it even worse, they all have an extremely dark side. If you push them on a bad day, it might be the biggest mistake of your life.

4. Sagittarius

There’s no one more impulsive than a Sagittarius. They’re quite likely to end up snapping and killing someone without taking a second to breathe. After that, they’ll just brush it off as nothing and figure out a way to get themselves out of it.

3. Aries

You’ll never feel wrath as strong as that of an Aries. They have the biggest tempers out of any of the signs and can easily take it out on someone else. Along with that, their anger often gets the better of them which could lead them to a killing spree in certain situations.

2. Scorpio

Scorpios have an extremely dark side to them. As well as that, they’re not really great at accepting responsibility for their actions. Because of that, they’ll probably kill someone and say that the reasons for it were out of their control. They’ll even try to convince you that it wasn’t really their fault.

1. Gemini

This sign’s behavior is so hard to predict that even they can’t anticipate what they’re going to do next. Along with that, you never know which side of them you’re going to get. Honestly, if they did kill you, you’d never even see it coming, and they probably wouldn’t either.

Although they have the ability to, not all Geminis or Scorpios are going to go on a murderous rampage. With that being said, it still might be smart to make sure that you’re on certain people’s good sides.

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Eva Jackson