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8 Unique Gifts That Only True Empaths Possess


It’s no secret that empaths have special abilities. They are far more awake to the world around them and can easily pick up on other people’s emotions. What some people overlook about empaths, however, is their less noticeable gifts.

There are some traits besides understanding people’s emotions that all empaths share. If you think that you might be one of these people, here are 8 unique gifts that only true empaths possess.

1. Making Others Happy Fulfills You

You don’t just feel the emotions of the people around you, you care about them too. Having other people feel joy is important to you. You’ll do whatever you can to make sure that everyone around you is happy. When someone is down, you’ll do your best to cheer them up.

2. You’re Highly-Intuitive

It’s almost like you know what’s going to happen before it does. You won’t know exactly what the future holds, but you can sense things that others can’t. Similarly, you can sense when something around you doesn’t feel right, even if no one else realizes it.

3. People Can’t Fool You

Some people out there always try to lie. Others are normally honest but will lie to get themselves out of a difficult situation. Whoever it is and whatever their intent, they can’t fool you. You can spot a lie from a mile away and will never give in to someone’s dishonesty.

4. You’re Sensitive to Energy

The energy around us may be incomprehensible to some people, but for you, it’s plainly obvious. You’re highly sensitive to energy, both of the people around you and of the energy in the universe.

5. You Have a Unique Perspective

What everyone else believes isn’t always what you believe. You try to dig deeper for answers than most people would. As well as that, you always try to see the good in people and to understand their reasoning for the things that they do.

6. Friends Always Go to You for Advice

You are naturally compassionate, kind, and understanding. Close friends and family will almost always go to you for guidance and support. You may find that even people you hardly know will ask you for advice. The people around you see you as wise and know that you give some of the best advice.

7. You Always Know Someone’s True Intentions

Because of your strong ability to empathize with other’s emotions, you also have a deeper understanding of their reasons for doing things. Even when someone tries to deceive you, it won’t work. You can always see people’s real intentions, even when they’re fooling everyone else.

8. You’re Extremely Caring

The world is so much brighter when everyone feels safe and happy. That’s the motto that you live by. You care deeply about people, animals, and the earth itself. You believe that every being should have a good, comfortable life. Seeing any person or animal in distress causes you sadness and frustration.

If you have these 8 traits, it’s likely that you are a true empath. Having the powers of an empath comes with some benefits and some difficulties. Remember that your unique gift gives you the power to go out into the world and spread positivity wherever you can.

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Eva Jackson