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Zodiac Signs Ranked By How Good They Are As Girlfriends


Have you ever wondered what the perfect girlfriend would look like? Would she be kind and patient or passionate and domineering? Thankfully, we don’t have to wonder since astrology can tell us what kind of girlfriend every woman will be.

Whether you’re looking for new love in your life or you’re simply curious, here are the zodiac signs ranked by how good they are as girlfriends.

12. Virgo

Women with this sign are known for being painfully insecure which makes them believe that they’re never good enough for anyone. They’re complete perfectionists, so if they fail, you’ll have to watch them self-destruct. Along with that, they often surround themselves with negativity and lash out at the people that they love because of it.

11. Scorpio

Scorpio women are intimidating and sometimes pretty terrifying too. They like to be in complete control as well as being brutally honest to the point that it’s almost rude. If you’re able to keep up with them, you’ll have them for good. However, betray them and you’ll see how powerful their wrath is.

10. Taurus

Of all the signs in the zodiac, this one is the least willing commit to someone. They want to do everything at their own pace and set their own lives up for success. Because of that, they’re usually not interested in committing to someone unless they’re sure that they’re the one. In a relationship, they’re extremely loyal, but if you leave them you’ll never hear from them again.

9. Aries

Once in a relationship, Aries women often rush into things a bit too quickly, which some people can find intimidating. Although their strong personality is what attracts people in the first place, it can also push them away because of their need for control and bad temper. If you do find love with an Aries however, you’ll see that there are really loving under their cold exterior.

8. Gemini

It’s like there’s actually two people living inside every Gemini. Sometimes they’re dark, negative, and push people away. Other times, they’re fun, outgoing, and want to spend all their time with their partner. The problem that their significant other can face is that they can never be sure which side of this women they’re going to see. Sadly, it can sometimes be too much for people to handle.

7. Leo

Leo women are some of the most fiercely passionate and romantic of all the signs. Although they love hard and will do whatever they can to get the person they have their eye on, they usually have unrealistic expectations of their relationship. If they manage to find the right person though, these women are loyal and deeply loving.

6. Aquarius

The key to dating an Aquarius woman is patience. They tend to overthink and be really hard on themselves. Because of their insecurity, they can sometimes say or do things that they don’t really mean. Despite all that, in a relationship, they will love you with their whole heart and adore all of your flaws.

5. Capricorn

Capricorn women will always want to be the dominant one in a relationship. They will do their best for their partner and defend them against anyone. However, getting close to one of these women can be hard since they’re very guarded and can come off as a little cold.

4. Sagittarius

Everyone knows this sign as being indecisive and impulsive. At the beginning of a relationship, these women can find it hard to settle down and give up some of their independence. Despite that, once they do calm down a bit, they make their partner the center of their universe and would do absolutely anything for them.

3. Pisces

These women are normally very shy and will try to push people away at first. However, with a bit of time, they can let down their walls and let love in. They’re always supportive of their partners and will encourage them to do everything that makes them happy.

2. Cancer

Cancer women are the most loving and nurturing of all the signs. They know exactly what it means to love and be loved and will do everything in their power to care for their partner. Although they can be a bit over-emotional and indecisive, they really have the best intentions.

1. Libra

There’s no question about it, this sign is the kindest of them all. They treat their partners with respect, care, and compassion at all times. Along with that, they try to avoid conflict as much as possible and will always put their significant other’s needs first.

Although the stars can tell us a lot, not everyone has the same taste in women. In the end, it’s all about who you’re most compatible with. Whether the woman that you love is at the top of the list or at the bottom, all that matters is that you’re happy in your relationship.

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Eva Jackson