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12 Things A Strong, Independent Woman Does Differently To Others


The other day while I was in a coffee shop, a very friendly woman struck up a conversation with me. We were both sitting alone, yet she seemed far more comfortable with it than I did. She exuded a certain confidence that was more than likely evident to the whole room.

After our conversation ended, she went back to reading her book and drinking her coffee. I was completely enamored with how much she stood out from the crowd even though she did nothing out of the ordinary. Because of that, I started wondering what it was that made women like her so intriguing. It seems that it’s all down to these 12 things a strong, independent woman does differently to others.

1. She Speaks Her Mind

This woman knows that what she has to say is important. Because of that, she’ll never shy away from sharing her opinions with others. When it comes down to it, she’ll say it like it is, even if other people don’t like it.

2. She Doesn’t Complain

There’s just no time for whining and complaining in her life. If she isn’t happy about something, she’ll change it instead of feeling upset about it. On rare occasions where she can’t change it, she’ll find a way to make it more bearable for herself.

3. She Does Things Alone

The time that she spends alone is precious to her. She works alone, goes to movies alone, and will even spend a day by herself to do some of her favorite hobbies.

4. She Motivates Herself

It’s always good to have someone to cheer you on because it gives you the motivation to keep going. However, this woman chooses to be her own cheerleader. Unlike some people, she doesn’t need others to motivate her because she’s more than capable of doing that herself.

5. She Doesn’t Play the Victim

She wants to be on top and she’s not going to get there by putting herself on the bottom. When someone hurts her, she’ll stand up for herself. Similarly, if she hurts someone else, she’ll own up to it and make amends.

6. She Takes Risks

What is life without a little risk anyway? In her mind, she knows that taking calculated risks is the only way that she has a chance of seeing her dreams come true. So, she’ll take them if they seem worth it.

7. She Doesn’t Beg for Attention

This kind of woman isn’t some kind of narcissist who needs all eyes on her at all times. She’s fine with blending in with the crowd and not being seen. Despite that, if the spotlight happens to fall on her, that won’t bother her either.

8. She Doesn’t Need Validation

Just like she doesn’t need attention, she doesn’t need validation either. Only children need to be told how amazing they are all the time and she is not a child. She is a fierce, independent, and mature woman.

9. She Gets Things Done

A woman like her doesn’t waste her time daydreaming about everything she wants to do. Instead, she goes out and does it. If she wants to learn Mandarin, she’ll take a class about it, and if she dreams of opening a business, she’ll do everything she can to make it happen.

10. She’s Confident

Life is way too short to spend your time doubting yourself. This girl knows her strengths and isn’t afraid to show them. She’s confident in herself and her abilities to do anything that she sets her mind to.

11. She Invests in Herself

We all need to invest more in ourselves and this woman knows that. She’ll put both time and money into improving her skills, learning more, and becoming an all-around better person.

12. She Makes Her Own Decisions

A strong woman doesn’t wait for someone to decide something for her. In spite of all obstacles, she lays down the plans for her own life and will never rely on anyone else to guide her in it.

Being an independent woman means more than just being self-reliant. It’s the way that they do everyday things that make a strong woman so fierce. The way they do things may be different, but they’re definitely living the best lives that they can.

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Eva Jackson