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You’ll Regret Breaking Her Heart Because She’s The Girl You’ll Wish You’d Married


You had your whole life laid out in front of you – a kind and beautiful girl who loved you with everything that she had. It was the kind of romance you’d read in a book or see in a movie Despite how perfect everything was, you decided to throw it all away. You may not see it now, but that was the biggest mistake of your life.

She could have been the person who would care for you for the rest of the days. One day, you’ll regret breaking her heat because she’s the girl you’ll wish you’d married.

You Gave it All Away

Even though she was everything that you could have ever wanted, you still thought you needed more. You believed that without her, you could have an even better, fuller life. Well, let me tell you just how wrong you were. You didn’t give her away for an amazing future, you traded her for an empty life.

When the realization finally hits you of how badly you messed up, you’re going to finally appreciate how full your life really was with her. She gave you love, compassion, and kindness, but you gave her nothing. You were too focused on yourself to see how amazing you had it.

She Gave You Everything

This woman did all that she could for you. Through the worst of times, she stayed with you and supported you when no one else would. No matter what went on in the background, she was your constant companion who would stick by you through it all.

When you were sad, she cheered you up. When you were happy, she’d laugh with you. Even when you wanted to be alone or do your own thing, she let you have all the freedom you wanted. That’s not something that you’ll get from just anyone. Although you’re blind to it now, you’re going to see that she truly was one of a kind. As much as you want to, you’ll never find another girl like her again.

You’re Going to See What She Meant to You

This woman wasn’t just some girlfriend that didn’t mean much, she was truly special. She was the voice that calmed you and the embrace that made you feel at home. When it rained, she was the rainbow that reminded you that everything was okay.

She wasn’t just your girlfriend, she was your best friend and your soulmate.

You’re going to miss the feeling of her lips when she kissed you or the look in her eyes when she saw you and believed that you were the one. When you wake alone and empty, you’re going to miss her saying good morning and giving you a smile that made your day. You’re going to miss everything about her that was perfect for you.

In spite of all the things she did for you and how wonderful she made you feel, you gave her up. You single-handedly destroyed the relationship that could have been a passionate romance. You’ll soon realize that she was the woman you should have married,  but it’s too late now. That was a truly special girl and you can never have her back.

To the strong woman reading this who had her heart broken by someone who didn’t appreciate her, I’m sorry. You deserve more than someone like that. One day, someone will come along who will see how amazing you really are.

Eva Jackson