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This Is How You Love Someone Unconditionally Without Expecting Too Much


Love is all around us, from the songs we hear to the movies we watch and with our closest friends and family. We’re taught from an early age that we need to find the perfect love with the perfect person. Without that, we can believe that we will never be happy in our relationships.

Those kinds of expectations put too much pressure on us. They even ruin perfectly good relationships because we believe that they’re not what we’re supposed to have. If you want to be truly happy in love, you need to let go of them. This is how you love someone unconditionally without expecting too much.

Love Yourself

We teach ourselves about deep emotions by learning how to treat ourselves well. You can’t love someone else if you don’t know how to love yourself. Because of that, you need to learn to love yourself first. This doesn’t mean that you need to care more about yourself than about someone else, just put yourself first.

You don’t need to plan your entire schedule around someone else. You don’t need to give in to what other people want if it’s not what you want. Most importantly, you don’t need to let someone treat you in ways that you don’t deserve. Truly, you need to have enough respect for yourself to know what’s right for you.

Show Compassion

New relationships are uncharted territory and that can be scary. Despite the fear that you may feel, don’t be afraid to give your whole heart to that other person. Show them kindness, love, and care. Give them the benefit of the doubt when they mess up and show them enough compassion to forgive them if they’re truly sorry.

Understand that just as you can’t plan your life around them, they can’t plan theirs around you either. A real relationship is about finding the middle ground between both people. The only way that that can be accomplished is with compassion coming from both of you.

Choose Someone That You Can Rely On

What is a relationship without trust and support? They’re fundamental to a strong, healthy relationship. Truly, a couple won’t be able to survive together without those things. You’re no exception. So, if you can’t rely on them, then you just can’t be together.

A life partner needs to be someone who can support you when you need it most. They need to be the person you trust most, someone who can help you through the tough times. They need to be your best friend. If you can’t count on them, then you don’t have real love.

In all honesty, relationships are complicated. In spite of that, when you find the right person, everything falls into place. If you open yourself up to real love and let go of all your expectations, you can find your soulmate. You can find someone that you can share a beautiful love with for the rest of your days on this Earth.

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Eva Jackson