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I Don’t Just Want A Lover, I Want A Best Friend Too


“Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer.”

– Jean de La Fontaine

Passion takes over when we meet someone that we love. When that happens, we throw ourselves into that person’s arms and want nothing more than just their physical touch. Yes, it really is beautiful, but I want more than just that.

To me, a relationship based on physical intimacy alone just isn’t good enough. There is so much more to love than that. I don’t just want a lover, I want a best friend too.

I Want Someone I Can Cry To

Life can be tough. Things happen that are completely out of our control and there’s nothing that we can do to stop them. In moments like that, I need companionship from someone I trust, not just kissing or lovemaking.

I need a shoulder to cry on while I deal with what’s going on. Instead of waiting for it all to be over, I need a partner who’s willing to sit with me and let be emotional and vulnerable. Even more than that, I truly want someone in my life who’s willing to be vulnerable with me too.

We can support one another and pick each other up when we’re down. We can cry together or find ways to cheer each other up when the worst happens. Instead of just jumping into bed together, we can hold each other close and feel the comfort of each other’s embrace.

I Want Someone I Can Have Fun With

My friends and I always have fun together. Although we don’t always know what our plans are when we meet up, we know for sure that it will always be a day to remember. Sometimes we go and see a movie or a football game. Other times we go for walks through the street and find interesting sights or strange little shops that we’ve never noticed before.

Why can’t I have that with my significant other too? Yes, I want romantic dates sometimes like candlelit dinners or a picnic in the park, but I also want more than that. I want us to be able to let go of our ideas of romance and just have fun together as friends do. I want us to be able to go on a vacation together and not just worry about the most romantic beach to visit but instead go souvenir shopping and splash each other in the ocean.

There Is More To Love

Of course, if we aren’t compatible physically then it’s not going to work out, but the same can be said for our emotional compatibility. I can’t be in a relationship that doesn’t have more to it than just surface level romance. What I truly need is a deep connection that makes me feel safe, comfortable, and like I’m at home.

Intimacy runs so much deeper than just being close to one another. I don’t just want to share my body with you, I want to share my soul too. If you can really see who I am from within, if you can be my friend, then you can have the true extent of my love.

Relationships aren’t just about having a good time, they’re about being fully committed to each other. How can that be possible if there is no friendship behind it? Truly, having just a lover will never be good enough for me. My life partner needs to be my best friend too.

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Eva Jackson