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You Deserve To Have This Kind Of Love – Don’t Settle For Less


You deserve to be with someone who will make the effort to be with you. Someone who texts and calls you regularly because you are always on their mind. Someone who not only wants you but also knows how to make you feel wanted.

You deserve to be with someone who wants to go out with you on a Saturday night and spend all Sunday with you. Someone who will make eating pancakes and drinking coffee the most romantic and wonderful experience. Someone who understands the importance of the lazy day together crawled in bed after a drunken night out.

You deserve someone who will let you have the last piece of chocolate. Someone who will hold their umbrella above your head when it’s pouring down, even if that means that they are soaking wet because they want to shelter you.

You deserve to be with someone who makes plans on Wednesday because the weekend is too far away, and they can’t stand being separated from you that long. Someone to whom you’ll be the first thought after waking up and the last one after drifting off to sleep. Someone who says ‘we,’ makes plans, and follows through.

You deserve someone who knows the song of your heart and makes your heart melt every time. Someone who watches you sleep at night and is happy in that still and graceful moment. Someone who steals a kiss from you anytime you start talking passionately about some topic.

Someone who will bring you pizza and not care if you are in your sweatpants and you are not wearing makeup. You will still be beautiful to them. Because they are in love with your soul.

You deserve to be with someone you know you can count on. Someone who will be your lover and your best friend. Someone who will challenge you, inspire you, and motivate you to become a better person. Someone who is so much into you that they can’t imagine hurting you in some way because they can’t risk losing you.

You deserve happiness, passion, fireworks, adventures, blue skies, and calm seas. You deserve peace of mind. You deserve love and romance. You deserve someone who will be your everything.

You deserve a love like this. Please, don’t settle for less.

Mary Wright