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Date Someone Whose Passion For You Is Ever-Burning, Abundant, And Apparent


A partner like this is a rare breed. They are someone you’ve always longed for, yet you never managed to meet. They are radiating with joy and they express their love freely and passionately. Their vigor and self-confidence make them someone who is a great life partner.

You should date a person like this. Someone whose passion for you is present from the first day; it is burning, and apparent.

Date someone who can’t wait to start a future with you. Someone who is excited to be with you. Someone whose contagious optimism and happiness will transfer into you and you’ll finally feel like you’ve met your person, the one who you are meant to spend your life with. Someone with whom you can imagine your dream wedding, you two exchanging vows, and raising your future children together.

Date someone who expresses their love for you uninhibitedly. Someone whose eyes light up whenever you two look at each other. Someone whose days will begin and end with you – from their first ‘good morning’ to their last ‘good night.’ They will tell you every day how amazing and beautiful you are, how good and kind you are, and they can’t believe they were so lucky to have finally met you.

You should date someone who will admire your strength, your kind and loving heart, your cheerful spirit, and your understanding and supporting soul who is always there for others. Someone who will love you with all their heart.

You will feel loved. You will feel alive. Your burdens will fall, and you will feel free to express your love to them.

Date a person who gets as much excited about little things as you do. Someone who has the brightest and the widest smile on their face. Someone who will make your life more beautiful and amazing than it already is.

Someone whose burning passion for you will never extinguish.

Someone who wears their heart on their sleeve.

Someone who never takes you for granted.

Someone who can’t imagine their life without you.

Someone who when they look at you, they see their dream come true.

Someone whose passion and love for you shine above everything and light up your world.

Someone who will love you for all that you are and all that you will become.

Mary Wright