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10 Best Android base writing Apps 2019


Writing on Android can be a great experience. Nowadays everyone is accustomed to on-screen keyboards and there are applications that allow us to write complete novels. We bring you a top 4 of the best applications to write on Android.

Android, is a suitable system to write everything you want

There was a time when thinking about writing with a mobile, the sensible thing could be to use a device like a Blackberry, which had a physical keyboard similar to what we can use in our day-to-day in any computer. Even the first Android phone used a physical keyboard. However, with the passage of time, we have all become accustomed to using a fully functional on-screen keyboard that allows us to do whatever we want. assignment.essayshark.com is easy to use tool for essay writing.

Top best apps to write on Android

  1. Google Docs

Of course, Google Docs has to be the first mentioned. This complete text editor has absolute integration with Google Drive, making it perfect for saving documents in the cloud. Also, they will not occupy space on your Drive hard drive, so you can create as many as you want. Perfect if you want to write a lot without worrying about limits.

  1. iA Writer

The iA Writer text editor recommends the best editing functions for writing. A few of them are font styles and lists which come with a built-in dictionary.

  1. Google documents

Google Docs is the G Suite writing application. It is a Google product and it has integration with Google Drive. Also, your work is saving side by side automatically.

This word editor offers a lot of formatting alternative

  1. Microsoft Word

This is one of most common used writing tool. . As in your desktop version, you can choose from a series of templates such as magazine, newsletter, research paper, etc.

  1. Monospace

Monospace is a simple but effective writing application. It si simple to use tool and anyone can use it easily tool and available free of cost.

  1. Writer Plus

Writer Plus is another simple writing application. You can make a number of files and still sort them in dissimilar folders. A single hash tag defines a header – increasing the number of hashtags will reduce the size of the header, double tildes will hit through, the asterisk will only be indicated in italics, the double asterisks will be marked in bold and the triple asterisks will be marked in bold and on italic.

  1. Writer

Writer is very similar to Writer Plus. If that is not a main anxiety for you, then this could be the most excellent alternative, as it does not take up much space on your android device. Unlike Writer Plus, you cannot create folders but only files.

  1. Microsoft Word

Do you prefer a classic? Microsoft Word is available on Android, both in its free version and in its version of Office 365 with activated premium features. All the power and reliability that you already know is at your fingertips with your mobile.

  1. iA Writer

Do you prefer a different experience? Try writing in Markdown format with  iA Writer . This popular application for writing iOS and Mac is already on Android, offering a light and direct experience, quality and different from usual.

  1. Evernote

If you prefer an SUV that is more focused on taking notes, you can not fail with  Evernote. It is an all-terrain tool that will offer you everything you need, although it will be better if you are willing to pay for its premium version and it will be even better if you need an app to work as a team.

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