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I Don’t Want Just A Lover, I Want A Lover Who Will Be My Best Friend Too

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True intimacy is much more than sharing your body. Being truly intimate with someone means having someone with whom you can share your soul.

It is easy to find a lover. There are many men and women out there who want nothing more than physical intimacy and the feeling of being next to someone. They find pleasure in the first touch, the first kiss, the first night together…

However, for me, the mere act of being physically intimate with someone is not enough. I want someone with whom I can share more than just my body. I want to share my soul.

I want to have a best friend as a lover.

I want to be able to cry my eyes out in front of him and still feel comfortable and beautiful. I want to have someone who will pull me back to him in the morning and kiss me immediately after waking up. I want morning breath kisses and messy hair.

I want to go to watch football with him, drinking beer and laughing so hard that our stomachs hurt. I want to watch the spark in his eyes and him grabbing my hand every time his team scores.

I want us to travel together. I want to try exotic and delicious meals and watch the sunsets together. I want to get lost in another country with him, wandering the streets with him and holding hands.

Other times I don’t want to leave our couch. I want to watch Netflix with him in pajamas. I want us to eat snacks all day, no dinner, no lunch. Just snacks and really amazing TV shows.

I want to watch him fall asleep and miss him when he is not awake.

I want us to sit cross-legged and talk about everything and nothing at the same time.

I want to accidentally burn the dinner so that we could go out and eat pizza instead while accidentally getting a little bit drunk with wine. I want us sitting on the same side of the booth because sitting across the table it’s just too much distance between us.

I want to receive funny texts from him and have a smile on my face the whole day.

I want to meet his family and him to meet mine. I want us to have a family on our own.

I want to laugh with him, cry with him, being silly with him, celebrate successes with him, and endure whatever life puts on our path together, holding hands.

I want my lover to be my person, my lobster, my best friend.

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