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You Can Defeat Laziness With This Japanese Technique


As much as we’d like to pretend that it’s not true, most of us can be pretty lazy every now and again. I for one have my fair share of days where I just don’t have the will to do anything besides sit on the couch and watch movies. Understandably, you probably have days like that too.

As always, the Japanese have been using methods to overcome this obstacle that the West is only now catching onto. You can defeat laziness with this Japanese technique.

It Started in The Workplace

Employers often talk about workplace productivity, and for good reason. Laziness costs businesses money. That’s why most bosses across the world want their employees to be as productive as possible.

You may think that the time that you spend scrolling through social media at your desk isn’t a big deal, but that time adds up. According to the American Payroll Association, the average employee in the US wastes about 4 hours and 5 minutes per week. Imagine how much more you could achieve in that time if you weren’t procrastinating.

What is Kaizen

Even if you do spend an obscene amount of time doing nothing, you probably don’t want to be wasting your time like that. That’s where the Japanese technique known as Kaizen comes in.

The word is derived from the words “kai,” meaning change, and “zen,” meaning for the better. It’s a practice that helps employee development by creating big changes through small changes over time.

The main idea behind kaizen is to break down long term goals into much smaller tasks. This is because when you see a big task that needs doing, it can appear daunting and you can easily give up. However, smaller tasks are much easier to achieve. Along with that, completing one small task will give you the motivation to carry on with the next.

What to Do About It

This method also teaches that you shouldn’t focus on a certain problem all the time. You may think that you should be constantly focused if you’re trying to defeat laziness, but it just won’t work like that. Taking small breaks to go outside or meditate for 5 minutes will help to refresh your mind. In turn, that will make you far more productive.

Another useful tool that you can use is your power to influence others. Teach other people how to do things that you’re already good at. This will give you a renewed love for whatever that task or topic may be and can even help you to understand it better. However, it’s important to master kaizen yourself before you teach it to others. Doing that can distract you from the reward of succeeding on your own.

We’ve been borrowing methods and techniques from other cultures for years. Whether it’s a new diet secret or a form of self-improvement, it seems that we can learn a lot from others. If your main goal is to be the most productive version of yourself that you can be, then try Kaizen. You’ll soon see that you’re no longer as lazy as you may have been before.

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Eva Jackson