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11 Signs You Are Giving Too Much Of Yourself To Other People


There is nothing wrong with being generous and kind and helping other people when they need it. However, we are often guilty of exhausting ourselves from making everything about others while we forget our own needs.

Everything has limits and you need to know yours. Otherwise, you’ll drain yourself to a point where you can’t take it anymore.

Here are 11 signs that you are giving way more than you should to other people and you need to stop and focus on yourself.

1. You Feel Exhausted

You are always there for everyone. You literally feel like you don’t have time for yourself, to relax, and just be there for you because you are always doing something for someone else. You even start forgetting things that you are supposed to do for you. You are exhausted and you should definitely need to focus on yourself and take care of your needs.

2. You Are Forgetting About Your Needs

Because you are giving more to others, you are not following your goals. You are forgetting about your passions and the things that matter to you. You are in a bad place and you should get out as soon as possible. Start with putting yourself first.

3. You Are Letting Other People Hurt You Without Realizing It

You are always there for the people in your life because you care about them and you want to make them happy. That’s why you become more and more vulnerable to their words and actions. They can hurt you, and you are letting them without being aware of it because you don’t see that your love and good deeds are not being reciprocated.

4. Your Relationship Has Become Too Codependent and It’s Holding You Back

You are allowing your partner to depend on you so much that your relationship has become toxic. It is very draining to be in this kind of relationship. You know you need your space, but at the same time, you are scared to ask for it.

5. ‘One time’ Has Turned Into ‘Every Day’

You’ve agreed to help someone and do something about them once, and now your act of kindness has turned into an every-day thing. They always have some new favor to ask you for. They are taking advantage of your sweet and generous nature. You should learn how to say ‘NO’ without feeling guilty.

6. You Feel Like You Are Being Manipulated

If you start feeling like you are being manipulated and taken advantage of, then you probably are. You have only one life. Don’t let others toy with your emotions and use you for their own needs.

7. All Your Relationships Suffer

You are giving yourself to a point where all your other relationships are suffering. You are damaging the relationship with your family, friends, and those people who support you all because you are focused on someone who doesn’t appreciate you and your efforts.

8. You Are Always Stressed Out Due to The Ongoing Drama

Your mental health is as much important as your physical health. The stress you have willingly invited in your life is taking a serious toll on your life and health and you should stop with the drama before it’s too late.

9. You Are Too Busy to Take Care of Yourself

If you’ve reached a point where you don’t have time to take care of yourself and your own life, then this is definitely a red flag and a call for action. Plus, the irony is that you can’t make a change into someone else’s life if you are not treating yourself well. Everything starts with you.

10. You Are There for The Wrong People

You overlook everyone else’s flaws and you justify their behavior because the mere idea of letting them go sound horrible to you. That’s why you are surrounded with people who are wrong for you. And you know it in your heart that you can’t be happy in their company, right?

11. You Feel Completely Drained at The End Of Every Day

If you feel completely drained and exhausted at the end of each day, then you should stop doing what you are doing. Stop giving yourself to people who don’t deserve your time. You matter also. But you will never be able to flourish with all your wonderfulness if you keep wasting your energy by giving you all to those who don’t give you anything in return.

Mary Wright