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Quiet Time – The Most Overlooked Thing That You Need More Of


We’re all busy these days. Nearly everyone spends the majority of their time working, running errands, doing chores, and trying to maintain a social life. Along with all of that, most people have personal projects that they’re working on too. Trying to get so much done can quickly become exhausting and mentally draining.

That’s why we all need some time alone to unwind. The best way to do that is with some good, old-fashioned quiet time – the most overlooked thing that you need more of.

Silence Is The Most Powerful Tool

When you’re away from the noise of the rest of the world, that’s when you can fully be free. When no one is speaking to you, when you’re not saying a word, and nothing is distracting you. That’s one of the only real times that you can be alone with your thoughts and let your mind rest.

In an age of social media, getting away from it all isn’t the easiest thing to do. Still, it’s important to try. In fact, some of the worlds most successful people all try to take as much quiet time as they can. Among them are J.K Rowling, Jerry Brown, Walter Isaacson, and many others.

The Busier You Are, The More Silence You Need

It may seem counterintuitive, but it’s true. The more that you have on your plate, the more time you need to set aside for some peace and quiet. All the people that we mentioned earlier schedule their time away from social media and the rest of the world. They do so because their working lives are so busy that they need time to recharge and be as productive as they possibly can.

A recent study from Duke Medical School showed how important silence really is to our wellbeing. It showed that periods of quiet helped to develop new cells in the hippocampus, area of the brain responsible for memory and learning. This proves that silence really can help you to accomplish your goals better.

Cultivate Silence

The most important kind of quiet time that you can make for yourself is the kind that helps you to think creatively and quiet your mind. Doing so will help you to accomplish more and do all the things that you were too distracted to do before.

Author Hal Gregersen stated that cultivating silence will “increase your chances of encountering novel ideas and information and discerning weak signals.” His belief is that by taking time away from any outside noise, we can fully listen to our inner voice that is normally drowned out.

If you don’t know how to start with this, there are simple things you can try to get your much-needed quiet time. Take 5 minutes of complete silence a few times throughout the day or take a few hours to be alone in nature. If you feel like social media is what’s getting in your way, then you can stay off of it for a while.

With the widespread use of social media and our lives becoming even busier than before, the world is just getting louder. That’s why it’s so important to take some time away from it all. The next time you have a chance, sit alone in silence for a while. You will feel so much calmer, more creative, and more productive because of it.

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Eva Jackson