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When It’s The Right Thing, You’ll Know It In Your Heart


When you find the right person, when you find the right job, when you are on the right path in life – you’ll know. I have heard this cliché more times than I’d like to admit, and honestly, I didn’t believe it. In fact, every time someone said that to me, I felt terribly annoyed. I mean, what does one feel when they feel it’s right? Would I be anxious? Would my heart start to beat faster? Or will I feel calm and at peace?  

Until now, I’ve gone through life carelessly, exploring new things, dating, meeting new people, taking new jobs that have or haven’t been what I like, making mistakes and learning from them. I’ve never felt that I had it all figured out and that I was in the right place in life. Until finally, I had.

Suddenly, all the doubts disappeared. And there was a peaceful feeling in my heart and in my soul. My heart and soul were calm. I realized that all my life I’ve been running around and looking for the right things and people in all the wrong places, never feeling like I belonged.

The people close to me were always telling me that I should wait for the right things to come. That I shouldn’t settle for anything less than my definition of perfect. That I should never lower my boundaries and compromise out of fear of missing out on an opportunity or ending up alone.

These same people were reminding me time and time again that I should fall in love with someone whose arms are ready to catch me. That I should accept a job only if it nourishes my soul and makes my heart happy. That I should pursue my deepest passions and desires without holding back.

Sadly, I’ve wasted so much time believing that I knew everything, pretending that I didn’t hate my job, and making excuses for why I let toxic people in my life. I just believed that somehow things would work out for themselves.

I felt so lost and confused until I really understood what the cliché – when it’s right you’ll know – really meant.

Because it’s the truth. When it’s the right thing, you’ll just know. You’ll feel it in your heart. You will get a sense of “togetherness.” Everything around you will fall perfectly into place and you’ll stop being afraid and confused.

You will have a feeling of serenity and inner peace inside you. Your heart and mind will be open and in sync. And suddenly, you’ll realize why it didn’t work with other people. You’ll realize why it was the right thing to leave your old job. Suddenly, it will all make sense to you.

Because the truth is, we are spending so much time overthinking, analyzing, wandering, always looking for something we feel it’s missing from our lives. Not realizing that what’s meant for us will eventually come into our life.

The right things will come to us and we will be able to recognize them in our heart.

Mary Wright