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What’s Truly Written In The Stars Will Come To You


If someone asked me to describe my personality in one word I would say I’m a fighter. I fight time. I fight against odds that don’t make sense to me. I have issues accepting things I’m not comfortable with. In conclusion, you could say that I might be what we call a “control freak”.

I’ve grown doing my own business and keeping everything under “a watchful eye”. I kept things in a certain routine that made me feel comfortable and happy.

Only because, I was too scared to “fail”. I panicked when things failed to fall perfectly into place. Only because changes scared me to death. A tiny distort in my well-balanced structure of life could make me go running for the hills.

But, every single time, I failed to understand that what it’s meant to happen, will happen at its own pace and at its own time. I wouldn’t have to force anything because it’ll just feel right.

The ugly truth is that life will not always go according to our perfectly-envisioned master plan. There will be changes when we least expect them. You’ll experience intense feelings of love, only to have your heart broken.

 You’ll struggle to make a career in the field you are the most passionate about, only to discover that it doesn’t make you happy in the long run.

There will be times when everything seems perfect (even too good to be true), and then it’ll all come crashing down.

But right then and there, when we feel like we lost all hope, the sun will come out, once again.

A new opportunity will rise upon us, reminding us that life is and will always be unpredictable, but it’s too damn beautiful if you know how to live it.

In those dreadful moments, we feel like life is playing a wicked trick on us. It throws us off balance and we no longer know where we’re going, what our dreams were, and what’s actually happening. But, no matter how hopeless and scary it might seem, it is perfectly fine.

We can never possibly know every answer to all the questions.

But even if you somehow knew the answers. Where’s the fun in that?

I know it sounds frightening and blood-curdling, but it is the cold-heart truth. We won’t always know what’s good, bad for us, or ours to keep. That’s when our inner, most powerful voices come into the picture.

The only thing we can do is trust our most faithful companion, our gut feeling. We have to keep moving forward. We have to get over the fear of changes and learn to easily accommodate to the powerful shifts in our life.

We have to understand that what is “written in the stars” will always come to us. It might sometimes take some time to reach the correct destination, but it will eventually find its way to us.

Overthinking, stressing over and wasting your life in a constant agony, wondering why things don’t go your way won’t give you what you need. This is the behavior you’re most likely to regret when you finally become aware that life will always be unpredictable.

That’s the beauty of it.

You just keep doing what you’re doing and learn to move with the tides. Understand that no matter how scary and horrible the place that you are in, things will eventually get better. You just need to move forward and keep working on your dream.

Remember: You are not in this alone. We’re all fighting some kind of battle.

Don’t fight what is inevitable to happen. Don’t rush things. Embrace the changes and adjust your ship to the current tide. Everything will take care of itself if you just allow it.

 Let yourself out of the prison you’ve created for yourself. And just let life flow.

Stephanie Reeds


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