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Strong People Deal Better With Narcissists And Beat Them At Their Own Game

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Narcissists are extremely capable of destroying other people’s lives. They can, and they do it without remorse. They use other people as pawns to get what they want.

They will say and do what the other person likes to hear and see to make them addicted to the narcissist. And it is not until they are deep into the connection with the narcissist that the narcissist will start showing their true colors. And then it is up to the other person whether they will accept the abuse or kick the narcissist out of their life. 

Of course, every individual has its own unique way of dealing with a narcissist. However, strong people tend to deal with narcissists better and beat them at their own game.

Here’s what they do differently.

Strong people are not naïve. They can spot the narcissist’s tricks and manipulations. Narcissists tend to find nice people so that they can feel better about themselves and get their egos stroked. Narcissists manipulate the nice people by tricking them into believing they are the same. That’s why they can’t manipulate strong people. Because strong people are extremely aware of their qualities and they are not afraid to kick fake people out of their lives.

Strong people don’t allow the narcissist to put the blame on them. They can admit when they do something wrong and apologize for it, but they would never accept being called guilty for something they know they are innocent. So, this narcissistic technique of convincing others that they are the problem when usually the problem is the narcissist – will fall on deaf ears.

Strong people don’t drop their guard down easily. A narcissist is someone who can make their victim believe in a false future together. Making future plans is one of the narcissist’s most used manipulation tactic. However, strong people don’t fall for that because they don’t believe in words, they believe in actions. And they are very patient when it comes to dropping their guard and letting someone into their heart.

Strong people are confident, and they are not easily brought down. You see, narcissists are people who often tend to bring other people down as a means to gain power over them. Well, strong people are very aware of their strengths and qualities and they can’t be easily brought down. Strong people never let anyone walk over them.

Strong people are not afraid to confront the narcissist. Narcissists are people who act very differently in public and in private. They have many faces because they alter their behavior for getting what they want. Strong people don’t allow any kind of disrespectful or malicious behavior. So, they will confront the narcissist in public and call them out on their shit – the one thing the narcissist hates most.

Strong people never dim their voices. Narcissists are great manipulators, and they know that attack is the best form of defense. But strong people know better. They never allow the narcissist to drift their thoughts away from something. They won’t allow the narcissist to have his way.

Strong people are perfectly able to recognize when someone is playing with their emotions. They know that narcissists usually play the victim when they get exposed and their real intentions are revealed. They are not tricked into feeling sorry for someone they know they should be mad at. They are not touched by the narcissist’s puppy eyes and honey words. They don’t allow anything to cloud their judgment.

And that’s how strong people beat narcissists at their own game.


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Mary Wright