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Believe Me, When The Right Thing Comes Along, You’ll Know It


I’m sure you’re all familiar with the cliché – when you find what’s meant for you, you’ll just know it. At least, I know I’ve heard it way more than I needed to hear it. People constantly comforted me that when I find the right person, the right job, the right path, I’ll just magically know.

And for a long period in my life, I was so annoyed by this statement, that I couldn’t get over the question – How, oh, how in the world will I know when this happens?

Will I suddenly have this insane heart-beat, this subconscious state of mind, and this cosmic affirmation that finally everything is on the right track and this is exactly the person who I’m supposed to love or the thing I’m supposed to be doing?

And, most importantly, why this still isn’t happening for me?

I went through life as a person who strived to find the true love, aspired to love everything I do, by first doing the things I loved.

 However, down the road, there were always obstacles, mistakes, and a lot of disappointments. Life wasn’t always good to me, and as I result I wasn’t the “dog who managed to see a rainbow”.

Until one day I actually saw it. Until that very day when I felt the true meaning of the sentence “when it’s right, you’ll just know it”. Because every doubt I had until that moment, was suddenly gone.

Because suddenly I felt a serenity and peace inside my soul in a way I haven’t felt in a long time. I realized that everything I’ve done before was only running around in a vicious circle, searching in all the wrong places and settling for things that weren’t even close enough to what I wanted from life.

I was so stubborn, thinking that I know everything, fighting the truth that was right in front of my nose. I spent so much time trying to maintain make-believe relationships, and make everyone satisfied, instead of dedicating my life to my own happiness.

I thought I could make things work out the way I wanted to if I could just shut down all those voices that kept telling me that this just wasn’t meant for me. That this person, this life was not for me. But the more I ignored those feelings, the more they surfaced.

Until they finally, slapped me! They made me realize that there’s no escaping the truth. No matter how hard it might have been for me to embrace the fact that, there was a time when I felt miserable. And maybe that was the reason why I ignored them in the first place.

I was afraid to face the severity of the real situation. I was afraid to admit that in my eyes, I somehow failed myself. I lived a life I wasn’t very proud of.

Luckily, the truth in these voices opened my eyes. Believe me, when it’s right, you will most definitely know. You’ll experience a feeling of relief, peace, joy. And on top of it all, there will be no fear.

You’ll just feel it inside your heart that things might not always be fine, but that’s okay, because life goes on, and you’ll continue to move forward, searching for the things that make your soul sparkle.

You’ll finally come around to understand why your past relationships didn’t work out, why the old job didn’t quite fit into your world and never managed to satisfy your passion. You’ll understand why it always felt like something is missing in your life.

And by welcoming the change in your life, you’ll most importantly understand the true meaning behind that cliché.

That, as humans we tend to spend our time desperately wandering for the real thing and lose hope at the first rock along the road. We tend to settle for just “comfortable”, instead of fiery passion. It’s time to accept the past and let the thing that’s meant for us to find its way to our world.

And when that happens, believe me, you’ll know.

Stephanie Reeds


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