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To Every Woman Who Grew Up Without A Father – You Are Loved


I grew up without a father. I know how it is. Growing up without the most important male figure in a woman’s life is incredibly hard and painful. But, girlfriend, you have the strength to overcome any hardship and rise like a phoenix from the ashes no matter how many times you hit the ground.

There is nothing life throws at you that you can’t conquer because you know that you can succeed in anything as long as you don’t give up and stay hopeful.

Therefore, please don’t blame yourself for your dad’s absence. You didn’t do anything wrong. Regardless of his reason(s) for leaving or not being there with you in the first place – it’s not you. You are loved. You are wanted.

Don’t let this situation make you an angry and bitter person. Yes, his absence has affected you in many ways, but don’t let it get to your pure and loving heart. You must realize that you are worthy of love. You are worth fighting for. You matter. And you are stronger than you think.

Don’t run away from your pain. Be honest with yourself. Be real. It hurts you, I know. The pain is there. It’s inside you. So, cry, grieve, scream, write, do anything you need you should do but let it go. Don’t make yourself numb and hide your wounds. Forgive your dad for everything and let the pain go. Transform the hurt that is in your heart into art. Be inspired by it. Let it make you a better and more compassionate person, but never let the pain define you.

Because you are strong and powerful.

Whatever you do, don’t compare your life with the people around you. Your friends might have grown up in loving families with their father always being there for them and this might leave you wondering why you don’t have a happy family like theirs. You might even start questioning yourself what’s wrong with you. Don’t do it. Don’t dim your light.

Remember – no one can determine your worth but you. You are amazing and unique. Don’t waste your time looking for answers that might never come.

And most importantly, don’t be scared to love and open your heart to someone. Because growing up without a father can make a woman feel as she must protect her heart from future hurt. It can make her guarded. But not every man is your father and will leave you. There are genuine people out there that are looking for a woman like you their whole life.

Don’t close yourself to them. Love unconditionally the one who loves you unconditionally.


You are lovable.

You are strong.

You are kind.

You are worthy.

And you are not alone. You are loved every single day.

Mary Wright