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The Strongest And Most Independent Women Usually Have Toxic Fathers


The woman who has a toxic father has learned from a very young age that she should never rely on a man to provide her with stability, happiness, and peace. Instead, she made a decision to take care of herself. To find a job she likes, make her own money and become independent. She has learned to cook her own meals, do her laundry, pay her bills, and don’t expect anything from anyone.

And if a man enters the picture it would be because she enjoys his presence and wants him in her life and not because she needs him to fill a void within herself or provide for her financially.

The woman who has a toxic father has learned how to create her own family. She has friends that are closer to her than her family members ever were. She considers her friends her family because she has learned the hard way that blood has nothing to do with the fact that having loyal people who have chosen to stay in your life instead of toxic ones that you were stuck with because of blood and genetics is what matters the most.

The woman who has a toxic father is real. She is not fooled by romantic comedies and the Hollywood’s portrayal of love. She knows that in reality, things are much more complicated than that. She doesn’t have unrealistic expectations. Even more so, love is not the only thing on which her life centers. She is already happy with her life as it is because she is focused on her career, her passions, her dreams and goals.

The woman who has a toxic father can handle anything that life throws at her. When someone treats her badly, she stands up for herself. She has spent many years of her life constantly feeling stuck and desperate. But she has freed herself and now she doesn’t take bullsh*t from anyone because she knows her worth.

The woman who has a toxic father becomes an independent woman early on. She is her own hero and savior. She is brave to walk alone through this crazy world because she has what it takes.

The woman who has a toxic father understands how important it is to distance yourself from toxic people. If someone treats her disrespectfully they will no longer have space in her world. She cuts them off. Just like that. Because she knows deserves more. If she was able to distance herself from her father, then distancing herself from toxic people who treat her badly is a piece of cake for her.

The woman who has a toxic father has a mission to become a better person than he was. She fixes the things that remind her of him because she doesn’t want to become like him.

She wants to be proud of herself and she swears that when she’ll have her own children she would never repeat the mistakes that her father did. She would be a good and loving mother to them because she doesn’t want them to go through the same things as she did.

This woman is a warrior. An embodiment of courage, strength, and an empathetic heart. Her life was difficult, but she learned how to become resilient and create the life she wants. And she succeeded in doing that all by herself.  

Mary Wright