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This Is Your Biggest Relationship Fear, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


All anyone really wants is to love and have someone love them back. Sadly, a lot of things can easily get in the way of that desire. Despite what you may believe, however, it’s not only external forces that can cause a rift in your relationship or stop you from finding love. Most of the time, your own mind is your saboteur.

What terrifies you most about love is more than likely what’s holding you back from it. If you want to find the romance of a lifetime, you need to first figure out what you’re really scared of. This is your biggest relationship fear based on your zodiac sign.


You love to keep moving, doing new things, and you’re always trying to keep yourself busy. The problem is, however, that you don’t want to give this up for a relationship. Your biggest fear is being with someone who will make you slow down.


When you make a commitment to someone, you’re in it for the long-haul. You don’t like things to change too quickly and relationships are definitely a big change for you. What scares you most is that you’ll become too overwhelmed when everything in your life becomes different because of your relationship.


Although you like the idea of dating, it’s not actually one of your favorite things to do. Quite frankly, other people get on your nerves. Because of that, you’re terrified of being stuck with someone who drives you insane.


You’re the most sensitive and caring of all the signs. Sadly, your need to love has made you give your heart away to someone who didn’t deserve it one too many times. Now, you’re scared of getting hurt again by someone that you truly care about.


You’re a proud and confident person who never wants to slow down. Along with that, you’re adventurous and easily bored. It only makes sense then that your biggest fear is ending up with someone who can’t keep up with you or who takes you for granted.


A fear of being unworthy is the root of all your problems when it comes to love. Because of it, you try to maintain high standards for yourself that you may not be able to keep up. You’re terrified that if you reveal your imperfections, your partner won’t want you anymore.


Although you do want to find the perfect partner, you’re not the best at making decisions. Most of the time, you won’t even give someone a chance to be with you. That’s because you’re afraid you’ll commit to someone and find out later that they’re not right for you.


Scorpios tend to be intense as well as being brutally honest. However, underneath it all, you’re just trying to hide your deepest emotions. You’re completely petrified that letting your guard down with the person you love will lead you to be betrayed.


In every aspect of your life, you crave excitement. As well as that, you love the rush of a new relationship and the adoration that your partner gives you in the beginning. However, you’re scared that you’ll end up bored when the honeymoon phase dies down.


No matter what, you want to give people the impression that you’re strong. That desire always leads you to shy away from showing your true emotions. You fear that allowing yourself to be vulnerable with your significant other will make them lose respect for you.


There’s no denying that you’re a bit quirkier than most people are. Since you tend to do things your own way, people often don’t understand you. That can also be the case when it comes to love, and you’re terrified that you’ll never find someone who gets you.


In all honesty, you’re pretty lacking in self-awareness. You constantly chase the idea of a perfect romance, even if it doesn’t really exist. Naturally, your biggest fear is that you’ll never find someone who will live up to your expectations.

Our fears can paralyze us and stops us from having the things that we want most in life. When we become afraid of love, we don’t give ourselves the opportunity to be in a relationship that will bring us so much joy. Please, don’t let your fear get in the way of your life. Let go of them and learn to let love in instead.

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Eva Jackson