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This Is What You Want In Your Relationship But Are Afraid To Ask For, Based On Your Zodiac


When it comes to love, we all have our own idea of what our perfect relationship is. Some people want a partner who will make them laugh, others want one who will support them through their darkest times. No matter what it is, we all have our own desires.

Strangely enough, even though we may know exactly what we want, we still won’t ask for it most of the time. This is what you want in your relationship but are afraid to ask for, based on your zodiac.


You’re the kind of person who loves to be in charge of others and have total control of every situation. Despite that, you enjoy the company of people who can challenge you and keep you on your toes. Likewise, you know that you can be a bit harsh at times, but you still want your partner to stick by you in spite of it.


When it comes to relationships, you don’t do things halfway. At the beginning of a new romance, you like to dive right into it. However, it takes you a long time to get there since you have high standards when it comes to who you’ll date. Because of that, you want someone in your life who will give the same level of love and appreciation to you as you give to them.


It’s no secret that you tend to be all over the place. Even when you love someone deeply you can have trouble expressing those emotions. As well as that, you have a lot of dark habits that you sometimes try to hide. Having someone love you even if they know all the bad things about you means more to you than anything else.


Everyone knows that your sign is one of the most loving and caring of them all. You have a big heart that you’ll willingly give to the person that you care about most. However, you still fear having that heart broken. So, all you really want is someone who will love you in the same way that you love them.


Your sign is one of the most confident in the zodiac. When you find someone that you love, you’ll do whatever you can to get their attention. Although you may not want to admit it, you want someone who will give you that attention you need. Likewise, you want them to tell you that you’re as amazing as you know that you are.


If you only have one weakness, it’s how guarded you are around people. Sadly, you fear that people won’t get who you are, and you close yourself off to others because of it. In a relationship, what you want most is someone who understands all your quirks but still wants to be with you anyway.


You’re empathetic and strive to bring harmony into all of your relationships. The problem, however, is that you can often give your heart away too easily. You’ve been hurt too many times and now all you really want is someone who will love you unconditionally and without an ulterior motive.


Although you’re one of the most sought-after of all the signs, you don’t enter new relationships very easily. Having someone betray you is the worst thing that you could possibly imagine. Because of that, you want the person that you’re with to be worthy of your trust.


You’re the kind of person that will never settle for being tied down and having your adventurous side taken away from you. On the contrary, it’s important for you to have space to be playful and explore the world. What you want even more than that, however, is someone to be by your side while you do it who can keep up with you too.


Some people see you as being cold and pessimistic. However, that’s only the way that you appear because of how practical and logical you are. In reality, you tend to be a bit stern with your partners, but that’s just how you show your love. Your biggest wish is for a significant other who will understand that and who will genuinely want your advice and guidance.


You’re not the kind of person that wants to be held back from life. What matters to you most is having the ability to explore new things, grow, and be your own, quirky self. Because of that, you want a partner who will let you be free but who will also trust you to come back to them in the end.


You, dear Pisces, are complete hopeless romantic. When in a relationship, you’re hopeful, generous, and will do anything for your partner. You’ll sacrifice a lot to make them happy too, and you hope that they’ll do the same. Most of all, you want someone who’ll get rid of their own bad habits so that they can make you happy.

Communication, honesty, and openness are all key when it comes to maintaining a happy relationship. Although it may be difficult to tell your partner what you desire most, don’t be afraid. If the love between you two is real, they won’t run away if you allow yourself to be vulnerable. In fact, you may even grow closer to one another if you do.

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Eva Jackson