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A Strong Woman Would Rather Be Single Than Be Stuck With As*holes


Not every man that you date will be the perfect guy. In fact, most women end up dating a plethora or jerks until finally finding the one. Being around so many people who treat you like trash is emotionally, physically, and spiritually exhausting. So, why put up with it?

Some women have put their foot down and decided that enough is enough. They would much rather be alone than have to deal with it with it any longer. No matter what, a strong woman would rather be single than be stuck with as*holes.

She Doesn’t Need Love to Fulfill Her

Life is all about finding true happiness. Sadly, some people believe that they need external sources to find joy. They search for it from other people, from material possessions, from things that don’t really matter. However, a strong woman knows that she needs to find happiness from within herself.

Instead of waiting for pleasure to find her, she creates it for herself. She does things that she knows will improve her life like learning something new or traveling alone. That’s the kind of happiness that’s going to stick. So, when she finds a guy that she really likes, she won’t need to rely on him to make her feel whole.

She Enjoys Her Independence

A woman like her isn’t desperate to have someone by her side. In fact, she’s quite happy to be alone and be an individual. She’s the kind of woman who isn’t afraid to do things by herself. The biggest lesson that she’s learned in life is how to enjoy being in her own company and with her own thoughts.

She’ll go for dinner alone or to a movie just because she can. Unlike some, she has the confidence to do whatever she wants to do without relying on someone else.

This woman is her own person and she’s living the life that she wants to live. There’s no way that she’d give that up for a guy who doesn’t deserve her.

She Understands The Value of Romance

When dating becomes commonplace, it loses its value. By being more selective about who you give your time to, you give it a stronger value and deeper importance. This woman knows those things to be true and never jumps into a relationship just for the sake of it.

She wants a love that’s pure, powerful, and that could last forever. Instead of diminishing the value that romance has, she keeps it alive by being selective of who she allows into her life. When she does let someone in, it will be because she knows that he’s the one for her.

A strong woman would rather be alone for an entire lifetime than be with an as*hole who doesn’t treat her right. She has herself, her friends and family, and her whole life to make her happy so she’s not going to rely on a guy. The only time that she will consider giving up the single life is when she has someone really special.

Share this article with the strong women in your life and see if they agree that there’s no point in dating if it isn’t with someone amazing.

Eva Jackson